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Jerry's Kids

"Boston's Finest". Jerry's Kids is an early hardcore band coming from Boston, USA. Formed in 1981 with the first 6 song release coming on "This is Boston, not LA" hardcore punk compilation along with bands like Gang Green, The F.U.'s ect.. The band did their first LP in 1982 "Is this my World?" coming up with their classic influental and most recognized songs (Crucify me, I don't Belong, Build me a Bomb...). The band broke up in 1985 and shortly atfer that reunited in 1987 doing a "Kill Kill Kill" record in 1989, but sounding more like a faster dirty rock'n'roll band than their known hardcore punk sound. The band wasn't active any more, until the year 2004 when they regrouped again doing few shows a year around Boston. This is actually one of my favourite hardcore bands, hope you enjoy.


Jerry's Kids - 4 Rare Tracks in 1982

Is this my World [1983]
Kill Kill Kill [1989]

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Hard Skin

Didn't mean to put Hard Skin, certainly not that fast on the blog. But i came across one interesting video, which made me do it, and the band rose in my eyes even more than it was. Hard Skin is an Oi! band from London, UK. These Millwall boys are playing a special kind of oi named "comedy". But these aren't just some comedians singing about jokes\pranks, they called their oi that way because their lyrics are for "havin' a laugh and havin' a say". It's all about football, beer and birds and havin a good time, as Hard Skin would say. The band was formed sometime in the late 90's still doing shows with their releases that i will put ( "Hard nuts and hard cunts" in 1998, "Same meat different Gravy" in 2005, "Make my Tea" EP in 2006,  "Fucking skins, fucking punks" in 2008 and one more split) . Their music is is most similar to their influences Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects Blitz (new age cover). They don't have a website, for some reason they don't like to be contacted. The video that i was talking about is in the section below, i think you'll get the picture when you see the first 30 sec.. Maximum respect for the Hard Skin.

Hard Skin - Oi not jobs

Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts [1998]
Same Meat Different Gravy [2005]
Make My Tea [2006]
Fucking Skins Fucking Punks [2008]
Hardskin & Fucked up - split EP [2007]

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8°6 Crew

8°6 Crew is a ska and skinhead reggae revival band coming from Paris, France. They were formed in 1995 and the name of the band is taken from a special kind of beer (8°6 Bavaria). First they were streetpunk, but later as they progressed the band wanted to turn more to ska and reggae sound. In the year 1998 the band relesead their first album "Bad Bad Reggae" under the german Mad Butcher Records. In 2001 they relesead an EP "Menil' Express" which is a more dub, reggae sound than BBR which is ska(punk), reggae and even oi combined. After doing some tours, the band took a long holiday in 2002. They reformed in 2008, but have had a lot of difficulties, as 2 members of the band died. Still they got on their feet finally in 2010, releasing a new album "Old Reggae Friends" dedicated to their past away members (the album came out a month ago, on the internet a day ago) and are ready for a new tour. This is definitely one of my favourite ska (skinhead reggae) bands and the album BBR is just a pure classic. The band will be coming to Croatia also, for the Skaville Winter Edition (the organisators outdone themselves this time). They will come to Zagreb and Split in frebruary 2011. See you there.


8°6 crew - Prohibition

Bad Bad Reggae [1998]
Menil' Express [2001]
Old reggae friends [2010]
Live In Schopfein

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Gavroche is a streetpunk\oi band from Santena (near Turin), Italy. The band started playing in the year 2004., and in 2005 they relesead their first work "Santena Oi!". 2 more releases in 2008 "Ragazzo Come Noi", and the latest, came out this month "Spettatori della Distruzione". Lyrics are dealing with oi topics and everyday life situations and problems. They were in Vrbovec (near Zagreb) Croatia along with Bull Brigade so i had a chance to see them live. One thing more i can recall is that their music is fast and filled with energy, so they put up a good show.Pic from Vrbovec (MP).


Gavroche - Gavroche

Santena Oi! [2005]
Ragazzo Come Noi [2008]
Spettatori della Distruzione [2010]

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Rudy Mills

Rudy Mills is a (skinhead) reggae songwriter and vocalist. He is also linked with rocksteady, trojan ska and that generation in 69' which musicly created the new roots music for the original (traditional) skinheads to listen to. He did his work in UK, and i don't know very much about him, because there are little sources for him on the internet. I'll give you only one release, done in 69', his "Reggae hits". Be sure to listen to John Jones, it's was a fuckin' classic in those days, and still is for people who appreciate skinhead reggae music. 

Rudy Mills - John Jones

Reggae Hits [1969]


"Back in the past". Antisocial is an Oi! punk band from Livingston, Scotland. They were formed in 1979 and produced their music through the "golden ages" of oi! music along with the names like the Business, Last Resort and the 4 Skins, until they disbaneded in 1982. During that time, the band released 3 EPs, and after that their entire "discography" was relesead on Captain Oi! records in 1995 "Battle Scared Skinheads". Lyrics are typical for that time, dealing mostly with social problems, rebellion, punk\oi scene and surviving every day life in England for the working class. After the split some members continued to work with music, in scottish bands like Exploited and  contemporary oi! band Bakers Dozen. The band has nothing to do with politics either left or right. I'll put only the Battle Scared Skinheads, because it contains all the EP songs. Enjoy.


Antisocial - "Made in England" EP

Battle Scarred Skinheads [1979-1982]

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 Brigadir\Бригадир is an Russian Oi! band coming from St.Petersburg. They are an Anarchist oi band, cooperating with the russian RASH (redskins.ru) organization. Their members are ex-Bukaneros without the female vocalist. While Bukaneros were more streetpunk\oi musicly and lyricly, the Brigadir is a band that took more militant influence from European famous rash oi bands like Brigada Flores Magon and Non Servium (which song they covered - Duh Oi!\ El spiritu del Oi!), and their oi! music which is more aggressive (oicore) than the traditional oi! music. Lyrics contain songs about anarchism, football and struggle in russia, fighting with the boneheads.They vocalist is an sxe, not sure for the rest of the band. They made a split in 2008 with another russian rash band Krasnyj Gorizont. They don't have an album yet, but i hope they will release one soon. Also this year they made 4 new song, they put on myspace. They are actively supporting the antifascist fight in Russia with the neonazis (these guys aren't joking), also made an apperance on the Antifascist Attitude. Anyway this is one of my favourite rash oi! bands, and i can say that at the moment one of the best there is these days in whole Europe, just waiting for more material and concerts out of Russia. 



Brigadir - If you ain't got the power


Brigadir & Krasnyj Gorizont - Split [2008]  

Myspace new songs [2010] 


St.Petersburg Rash\Sharp unity crew in 2006.

Give'em The Gun

Give'em The Gun is an Oi!\streetpunk band from Moscow, Russia. They are members of the Moscow Trojan Skinheads crew. Formed in the late 00's, Give'em The Gun are a new band on the expanding russian scene. They made a Demo in 2008, and one split with the Minsk hardcore band Back2Back in 2009. Their songs deal with classic non-political oi topics (pride, city patriotism, football, unity), and have covered one Cock Sparrer tune. Although they are apolitical, they are antifascists and spoke openly about it in the Antifascist Attitude (documentary about the russian antifascism and problems with the neonazis), "this is punk rock, hardcore, the ska scene or whatever you call it. Here is a place for skinheads, punk and hardcore kids. Here is a place for everybody, but not for the people with racial and national prejudices." by the vocal.


Give'em The Gun - Runnin' Riot

Demo [2008]
Give 'em The Gun & Back2Back [2009]

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Junk Messiah

"Oldschool or noschool". First Croatian band i'm posting will be Junk Messiah. They are a new hardcore punk band from Zagreb\Sisak.They rose from the ashes of xVaseline Childrenx which was an another great hardcore sxe band. They have an album called "The path of the snake" released in 2010. JM are a completely underground band, which is rare for the Croatian scene, that's why i like them, besides their great music. Also had a chance to talk with their vocal Pic so i had a first hand expirience how friendly they are.
Best way to describe their music as they say: "pissed off.fast.rocking.DIY.Vaseline children having sex with the Rites while listening to Ac/Dc and black flag. enough?"
Can't wait to see them live and how to get them in your town:
"so what's up with those messiah boys? nothing, just ask them and they will be glad to play some fine rockin' hc/punk tunes in your city...we require some gas money, something warm and vegan to eat, few beers and some cola for that two sXe guys in the band:-) we prefer D.I.Y. self run places with a cool non-macho, non-violent, atmosphere, no bullshit sexism and fascism of any kind...so that's it...see ya.."


Junk Messiah - Sick of you sick of me

All downloads are available on their site, for any problems, contact me.

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Erode is an Italian melodic streetpunk\oi! band from Como. They were formed sometime in the mid 90's as they relesead their first EP in 1995 "Orgoglio Proletario", following two more EP's, "Al Volga non si arriva" in 1996 and one more "Al popolo tradito". In 2004 their LP was finally released "Tempo che non ritorna" with the material from the EP's and some new songs. After that the band split and went their own ways. They are a communist band in the right choice of words, because of their lyrics mostly for the working class\proletariat and similar topics of their songs.

Erode - Europa

Tempo che non ritorna [2004]

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Paranoi 13

Paranoi 13 is an Oi! band from Marseille, France. I really don't know much about the band because they ain't that famous\well known, all i know is that i like them. They are also antifa\(RASH), and the sound is typical for the new "antifa" oi! scene in France (playing faster and more aggressive oi! sound). Also that they released only one album by a very strange name "Ctrl C - Ctrl V" in 2008. Lyrics are working class\proletare oi!.


Paranoi 13 - Proletaire

Ctrl C - Ctrl V [2008]

State of Alert

State of Alert is an oldschool hardcore\dischord band from Washington DC, USA. The band was formed in 1980 and disbanded in 1981, and have relesead only one EP titled "No Policy" and did 3 songs for a compilation "Flex your head". The band should be considered most famous because it was the first band of the Henry Garfield, later known as (aka) Henry Rollins from one of the most famous American and Hardcore bands in the world the Black Flag. Although the band didn't made that many shows (only 12) and relesead only one EP, they made an impact in their time on other hardcore bands like Negative A., and later Agnostic F.. After the split the members didn't quit music, they went on playing in other bands such as Faith, Iron Cross, Black Flag. The lyrics were dealing woth social problems, police, violence and one like Lost in Space that is talking against drugs (early sxe), although they weren't sxe. One more thing i would like to mention from a band that i like DC hardcore\oi 86 Mentality did a pretty good cover of their song Gonna Hafta Fight.


State of Alert - Gonna Have to Fight\Draw Blank\Public Defender

No Policy EP [1981]
I Was a teenage Pencil Neck Geek 7EP Bootleg [1980 Demo]

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Bold is a youth crew, sxe, hardcore band from Westchester County, NY City, USA. They started playing in the mid 80's inflenced by early oldschool bands in USA like Black Flag, SSD, Minor Threat, DYS, 7 Seconds and other. They were also one of the pioneers along with Youth of Today "guilty" for the Youth Crew hardcore movement in USA. Before they changed their name to Bold, they were known as Crippled Youth and relesead an EP under that name "Join the Fight" in 1985. Few years later the band switched the name to Bold and relesead their "first" LP "Speak out" in 1988. Other material relesead is their EP "S\T" (considered to be their best) in 1989 and then re-issued in a LP "Looking Back" the same year. The band then splited and were formed again in 2005, did shows, released their you can say entire discography in "The Search:1985-1989" and fell apart the next year. Their early material especially in the Crippled Youth sounds more oldschool than their Bold material which is a mature mixture of youth crew sound hardcore.
PS: Don't have their ST, but The Search pretty much covers it, enjoy and Wise Up!


Bold - Nailed To The X / Talk Is Cheap

Speak Out [1988]
Looking Back [1989]
The Search 1985 - 1989

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The Prowlers

More Oi! music. The Prowlers are an oi band from Montreal, Canada. The band was formed sometime around the year 2000, when they issued an album called "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" (from the Ramones song Here Today, Gone Tomorrow). Their second and last relesae was an Ep in 2003 "Chaos in the City". Their music is heavily influenced by british classic oi from the early 80's; made two covers, the 4 skins and Oppressed. They are strongly supporting antifascism but not in the songs.Their lyrics are oi based (violence, streetlife, drinking, working class). The band isn't that active anymore, but i've heared they are preparing to do a few shows. They made an appearance on the Skinhead Attitude.
Classic oi tunes, Enjoy.


The Prowlers - Friday Night

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [2000]
Chaos in the City [2003]
Live in Toronto with the Oppressed (2009)
The Prowlers & Produzenten der Froide - Montreal vs. Stuttgart [2011]

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A Tribute to Oppressed - Fuck Fascism before it Fucks you

Now, something a little bit different. Because i'm too lazy to talk about some band and have shit full of work to do, i will give you one Tribute compilation to the Oppressed. This was given to my by a friend of my from Lithuania even before it was relesead, given to her by her friends from Toro Bravo, who also worked on this Tribute. If you like the Oppressed you will definetly love this tribute. The bands on the tribute are from all over the world like Toro Bravo (mentioned earlier), Produzeten der Froide, Prowlers, On the Job, Bull Brigade, Red Card, Hors Controle, Stage Bottles and other famous oi bands. Enjoy and keep fighting. Cheers

Produzenten Der Froide - Skinhead Times

A Tribute to Oppressed - Fuck Fascism before it Fucks

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Project X

Youth Crew Finest! Project X was a hardcore\youth crew sxe band from NY City,USA. The band started as a project to release a compilation of unreleased hardcore from the early 80's for their fanzine "Schism". They had trouble with getting the rights, so they decided to form a band. So they were formed in the late 80's probably sometime close to 1987 when their only EP got out "Project X (Straight Edge Revenge)". The reason i call them the "Youth Crew Finest!" is that they were formed from members of best bands in that sort of hardcore genre\direction like the singer John Porcelly who was a guitarist in Youth of Today, Judge and few more, also the guitarist of the bend Alex Brown (Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits), bass (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today) and drums (Side By Side, Youth Of Today, Judge). The band played very few shows obviously because they were only a project for a short term compilation, but still they made an impact on the scene and on their name. For comparison Flawless Victory russian\sxe band made a cover of their song Straight edge revenge, and their record is still selling on Bridge Nine.


Gorilla Biscuits - Dancefloor Justice (Project X)

Straight Edge Revenge [1987]

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Ya basta!

Ya basta! is a french anarcho-syndicalist ska band. The name of the band is taken from a Zapatist slogan that means "Enough is enough". The roots of the band date to the year 1993, and were doing concerts from 1995, but not until the year 1999 when they recorded a Split with Action Directe. First album was released in 2002 "Lucha y fiesta", and two more "Toujours Debout" in 2004, and "Sans Retour" in the year 2006. They were also on various compilations like Class Pride World Wide. Their music should be characterized like Rock'n'Ska Activist as they say. 

Ya Basta! - Lucha y fiesta

Ya Basta! - Action Directe - [1999]   
Lucha y fiesta [2002]  
Toujours Debout [2004]   
Sans Retour [2006] 

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Ennecibbi (Na Cosa Brutta) are a RASH oi! band from Modena\Roma, Italy. They are playing since 2008 as far as i know and are a new band on the scene. Their only album "Il Giorno Verrà" came out in 2009. Their songs include antifascism, drinking, street life\skinhead life...


Ennecibbi- Storia Triste

Il Giorno Verrà [2009]

Torino Puttana 3.12.

We were promised to see, "Brutal Oi!". The only thing brutal we saw in Turin was the unarrival of NS. This concert was supposed to be special. First because there was 26 of us (3 vans), never did so many people from mostly Zagreb and Ivanić gathered for an "away" concert. Second, we were looking forward to a match between Torino - Siena, and to meet with the guys from Ultras Granata, and third it was Non Servium.

We started our trip in friday morning from Zagreb. The beers were cold, rakija was bitter, the music was loud and the whole crew was ready for a great evening in Turin, Italy. The trip lasted for about 9 hours that pasted by really quickly, but then again, most of us were drunk so that explains it.
First thing that we heard when we came in front of the club\squat, that NS won't be preforming tonight neither in Rome. Their flight from Madrid was delayed because of some workers strike. That is the third time NS did not play in Italy. After hearing the sad story, we got picked up by a local one, who lives in Turin since 91' and is actully from Bosnia so we had a talk on our mother language, and had to get wasted to kill our sorrowness. We were not the only ones who traveled "far" from home just for the gig. Guys from Marseille(but that's pretty close to Turin) showed up, and some Swiss with our skingirl Croat friend from Bellinzona.The rest of the crowd were pretty much locals, and Italians. Some of us entered free, some for a 2 euro fee, to straighten for the lack of the main band.
First on the stage were Ennecibbi, which i never saw live before, but have listened to their music. They were full of energy, the crowd loved them and they made a pretty good impression on me too. The singa-alongs atmosphere on Il Giorno Vera, Storia trieste, Impazziamo, La mia birra where 30 skinheads in the front were shouting their ass out, was fairly a good display of the bands musical passion and more the passion of the locals and their\this scene.
In the break beetwen bands we had time to grab more beers which were starting to work. Some of us were singing on the microphone, some cheering, some even made friends with the Marseille crew, and promised to come to the Antifascist Festival in February in Marseille.
The next band was Bull Brigade, Turin's pride and champions. This is actually the 4th time i have seen them live, and i must say they never "get old". But the best part is to see them on their home turf, because of the crowd who are, you can say strong "Localpatriots". Singing songs like Construito A Torino, Dannato Pub, Strade Smarrite, Sulla Collina, cover Ultra Violence (the Oppressed) and they even dedicated one song for Croats who came, Birra (don't know why this song). Bull Brigade made some new songs, which did not impress me that much, we'll see when the whole album comes out.
All in all, the evening was not a complete disaster. After the concert we continued to drink. I brought some BBB stuff from Croatia for a friend were we slept the last time we were in Turin to thank him for the hospitality and some other stuff..We needed a place to sleep, and 26 is a lot for one guy to accept home so we  asked if we could sleep in the club. Our luck is, that one of the people "working" there is also a Croat, from Vukovar, so she secured us a roof on top of our head.
The next day, there was no match of Torino, beacuse it was delayed for Sunday, just our luck. So we explored the city a little bit, and got shelter in an University of Human Sciences of Turin. It was under blockade, because they want to privatise the University. Did some more drinking and socializing with the students and prepared for the trip home.
We returned to Zagreb safe and sound in Sunday morning, got a little problems with the vans, but all fixed, and waiting for new concerts, and especially Non Servium (the fuckers ain't gonna run away!).

NS official statement:
"As you may know, are suspended Non Servium Concert in Torino and Roma. The reason that on Friday 3, where we had to take the plane to Milan, all air traffic controllers in Spain went on strike. We were unable to fuck all types of aircraft. We tried to make the trip in a van in order to save the concert in Rome but outside, but due to snow, all roads were cut off from northern Spain and France.
From this group, we express our sorrow for what happened, we are keen to play in Turin and Rome, because it has already suspended other time, and we are a blow. Just say that on our part we have done everything possible to be there, but it was impossible.
We're talking to the organization of Torino (lonely life) and Rome (Rome rash), to set a date as soon as possible in order to make the concert, and to finally have that brutal night of Kaos and oi! we love so much.

Hoping to soon be in Italy, our apologies and greetings. ANTINAZIS FOR LIFE. NON SERVIUM"

srijeda, 1. prosinca 2010.

Frank castle gonna break your neck!

Russian trashcore\hardcore would be the best way to descibe them, although they sometimes describe themslelves also as skatecore\fastcore. The band was formed in Moscow in 2004 and relesead one ST in 2005. They we're inspired by oldschool Boston HC like Negative FX, SSD and European trashcore Ripcord, with political, antifascist and prejudice free lyrics. Something worth mentioning is that the band had the oppurtunity to play in Boston, and after that, that was pretty much it for them, because the singer Vova formed later a new band Razor Bois (i'll talk about them in the near future), and then a side project MDB.

A "few" words from them:
"The band was formed in the beginning of 2004 in the rotten hole called Moscow, Russia. If you haven't heard anything about this country you should know that it's a totally fascist state full of bullies, cops and nazi dickheads. We start the band to play fast thrashy hardcore and sing about the things we love (skateboarding, moshing, vandalism, comic books etc...) and hate (prejudices, cops, jocks, nazis, religious vomit etc...). If you don't like it - write a letter to the Russian president. He may like your attitude really much. Well...our first demo is out so we're open for trades! Peace, mosh and fast music!!!"


Frank castle gonna break your neck! - Everybody is a cop

Self-Titled [2005]

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Bobby Sixkiller

Bobby Sixkiller is a French Skinhead reggae band. I don't know much about the band, only that they are a relatively new band on the French scene, their music stlye is tradiotional early skinhead reggae playing with keyboards ofcourse, and that they have one release in 2010, a six track demo available to download on their site by the name "In Town".


Bobby Sixkiller - The Fuse is Blazing

In Town [2010]

Urban Waste

Urban Waste was an oldschool hardcore punk band from NY City, USA. They were formed in the 1981 when HC bands were forming\growing like "mushrooms after the rain" in the USA. Anyway they released only one EP with 8 songs in 1982 "Mob Style". The year 1984 was the end of Urban Waste, but the band reunited in 2008 doing still some gigs, now and then. Their music is fast and raw, typical oldschool with social lyrics. One interesting thing is that Roger Miret from the Agnostic Front stated that UW music got him into harcore.


Urban Waste - Public Opinion


No Respect

No Respect is an anti-racist "skinhead" ska bend from Göttingen, Gremany.The band was founded on the roots of a (hardcore) punk band around 1994. Their first demo "The First Tape" was not ska but punk with some mixtures of "hardcore" and oi because they were mostly consisted with skinheads in the band. In years ahead of them they wanted to perfect a little more their music knowledge and to change their stlye so the band got a brass section (saxophone, trombone, trumbet) and relesead their first ska-punk known sound with the "Excuse My Smile" album in 1997. 2 years later another album "Tunes of Decline", shortly followed with their  "The Confidence" album in 2003. They did also 2 Splits with the Stage Bottle (which i can't find anywhere) and Hammerhai. The band did one more last album "Unadjusted", and they released it with 2 CDs one CD consists with live recordings. The band disbanded and did their last gig in 2008. in their home town along with their country similar music fighters Scrapy.
Singing on English, their music is a mixture of ska (influenced by two-tone), punk music, with strong anti-racist lyrics (Human Scum, No Nazis Friend), and some anarchist (Anarchy) ideals all incorporated into skinhead lifestyle, subculture (Rude and wild) about every day life and the working class (16 tons cover). My warm recommendation for someone who hasn't listened to them yet.

No Respect - No Nazis Friend

The First Tape [Demo 1992]
Excuse My Smile [1997]
Tunes of Decline [1999]
No Respect & Hammerhai - Die [1999]
Confidence [2002]
Unadjusted [2005]

ponedjeljak, 29. studenoga 2010.


Bolchoï is a RASH oi band coming from Toulouse, France. They began forming the band in 1999, but first demo came out in 2000, and in the year 2002 they relesaed their first EP "Gueules Cassées" (Broken Faces) with Julien from BFM who was temporarily on drums. In the year 2004 they finally made their ST,we can say also that year was the end for Bolchoï. They appeard on the compilation Class Pride World Wide vol. 2, and also did cover song for Chaos (the 4 Skins), and Guns of Brixton from The Clash. After 2004 the band went their separate ways, still playing in other bands. The lyrics of the band were about the social point od individuals who were left behind connected with skinheads group identity. Their lyrics are also connected with anti-racism, anti-fascism, socialism and anarchism and were an active band at the French RASH scene\community helping with the Barricata fest and fanzines. One special thing about Bolchoï  is that they had a female vocalist. I will post only the ST, because almost all songs produced by them can be find on the album. Enjoy.


Bolchoi - Gueules Cassées

Bolchoï [2004]

nedjelja, 28. studenoga 2010.

Casey Jones

"Straight edge for a while. A crooked X for that crooked smile" , Casey Jones is a "militant" straight edge hardcore band from Jacksonville, USA. Formed in 2003 as a side project of Evergreen Terrace. Inspiration for the name is actually from a cartoon character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their music is fast and direct straight edge up your face and these guys really aren't joking. First release is from 2003, "Are Some Crucial Dudes", year after "The Few, The Proud, The Crucial" and "The Messenger" in 2006. The year 2011 is definitely the end for this great band, they are releasing their final album "I hope we're not the Last" in January, and preparnig for the last tour. If they come close to you be sure attend their gig, but remember, "If you're smoking there, you better be on fire!"

Some words from the frontmen about the break up:
“When we started this band, we didn’t expect to release records, much less to gain fans across the world. We certainly didn’t expect so many people to be moved by our message. Because this band has never been first priority to its members, it has always equated to pure expression and pure fun. All things must come to an end, and we believe 2011 will be a great year to spend on tour and saying goodbye. This is going to be fun”.


subota, 27. studenoga 2010.

Invisible Border

Russian hardcore band, playing fast, playing furious. Relatively new band on the expanding russian hardcore scene. They had a couple of problems with the members leaving the band through past few years, but they jumped on their feet and released an album last year, and the name goes something like this "So Liberty faded sun" (having problems with the russian cyrillic translation). Anyway enjoy their music as much as i do, and like they say:
"Hey we’re gonna fuck all the hardcore scene of Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Invisible Border - Удушье 

Invisible Border - Так Свободы Гасло Солнце [2009]

Moscow Death Brigade

Alright, now here is something totally different. This is an undergorund hip-hop project band Straight Outta Moscow, strictly antifascist, and with members of Sharp band Razor Bois and Frank Castle Gonna Break your Neck! The singer Vova from both bands is now one of the singers here. They made songs ofcourse with the Razor Bois and with the russian hardcore threat What We Feel. They don't have an album yet only a few demos, but i hope they will record something one day. About 3 months ago i had a friend of MDB who did also some sets on their songs, he was here in Croatia for 2 days, so i had a time to chat with him about the scene and problems with neo-nazis in Russia. Fucked up situation. Enough of my talking here is the best way to descibe them:

“We believe that hip-hop music can be an extremely powerful weapon against fascist bullshit of any kind, bigotry, ignorance, prejudices and senseless hate. It also can unite people and spread the positive message of friendship and mutual support.

To make a long story short – we’re from the country, where neo-Nazi bullshit movement is fucking huge. Literally it means that you can be crippled or murdered for your skin color, “wrong” accent or clothes anytime anywhere in Russia. We’re not talking about some “bad” neighborhoods – people are being killed in the very centre of the city, in the broad daylight, while the cops pretend to be looking the other way. Moreover, kids get stabbed to death or shot just for going to punk rock or hip-hop shows or speaking against Nazi- bullshit. How “gangsta” is that, tough guy?

We are (straight edge), but we don’t support militant sxe and hardline. We believe that a person must be judged not by the fact if he/she drinks or not, but by the way he/she acts. “

One pic. from the Razor Bois, their friends and their scene support.

MDB - Straight Outta Moscow

Moscow Death Brigade - Demos 


I don't know why is this band underrated that much, but anyway Redweiler are a redskin oi! streepunk band from Bordeaux, France. As i love the french oi! scene, escpecially the RASH one, their music and of BFM, would be the best way to describe the scene. Fast music with socialist lyrics, and one special thing about them is that they have two vocals. They made only one album in 2008,  "Bordeaux Saigne" (bleeding), and where on some compilations like United Skins (/// edition) and the french one Appel Aux Luttes. The band isn't active any more, i haven't heard them doing concerts in a while, and the last time i checked them, they were searching for a new guitar player, good luck with that, beacuse it would be a shame that a good band like this one stops playing.


Redweiler - Sans Position

Bordeaux Saigne [2008]

Produzenten der Froide

My first post will be one of my favourite German oi! bands PDF. "Antifascist and Drunk Rock’n’Roll Motor City Stuttgart"  is just the best way to describe them and their music with catchy tunes and firm\solid "deutsche" voice of the frontmen. Thier lyrics are typical oi! band stereotype ones from exepction of  "fucking around" and antifascim. The band started playing back in the early 90's but without any solid recordings of their music until the 2007 when they recorded their first album "Stuttgart bei Nacht". 2 years later they recorded an another album "Ready For Love". The band also did a split with the classic British oi! band Red Alert this year, and were on a Tribute to the Oppressed with the cover of Skinhead Times. One more cover should be mentioned and that is the one of the Sex Pistols, The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Schwindel. The band is strongly a part of the German AFA, still alive and kicking and doing concerts across Germany, Europe and now preparing to tour Canada. Be sure to check them out, and now enough talking, start listening.

Produzenten der Froide - Rock'n'Roll Schwindel

Stuttgart bei Nacht [2007]
Ready For Love [2009]
Red Alert & Produzenten der Froide - Split [2010]