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Hard Skin

Didn't mean to put Hard Skin, certainly not that fast on the blog. But i came across one interesting video, which made me do it, and the band rose in my eyes even more than it was. Hard Skin is an Oi! band from London, UK. These Millwall boys are playing a special kind of oi named "comedy". But these aren't just some comedians singing about jokes\pranks, they called their oi that way because their lyrics are for "havin' a laugh and havin' a say". It's all about football, beer and birds and havin a good time, as Hard Skin would say. The band was formed sometime in the late 90's still doing shows with their releases that i will put ( "Hard nuts and hard cunts" in 1998, "Same meat different Gravy" in 2005, "Make my Tea" EP in 2006,  "Fucking skins, fucking punks" in 2008 and one more split) . Their music is is most similar to their influences Sham 69, Cock Sparrer, Cockney Rejects Blitz (new age cover). They don't have a website, for some reason they don't like to be contacted. The video that i was talking about is in the section below, i think you'll get the picture when you see the first 30 sec.. Maximum respect for the Hard Skin.

Hard Skin - Oi not jobs

Hard Nuts And Hard Cunts [1998]
Same Meat Different Gravy [2005]
Make My Tea [2006]
Fucking Skins Fucking Punks [2008]
Hardskin & Fucked up - split EP [2007]

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