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Bold is a youth crew, sxe, hardcore band from Westchester County, NY City, USA. They started playing in the mid 80's inflenced by early oldschool bands in USA like Black Flag, SSD, Minor Threat, DYS, 7 Seconds and other. They were also one of the pioneers along with Youth of Today "guilty" for the Youth Crew hardcore movement in USA. Before they changed their name to Bold, they were known as Crippled Youth and relesead an EP under that name "Join the Fight" in 1985. Few years later the band switched the name to Bold and relesead their "first" LP "Speak out" in 1988. Other material relesead is their EP "S\T" (considered to be their best) in 1989 and then re-issued in a LP "Looking Back" the same year. The band then splited and were formed again in 2005, did shows, released their you can say entire discography in "The Search:1985-1989" and fell apart the next year. Their early material especially in the Crippled Youth sounds more oldschool than their Bold material which is a mature mixture of youth crew sound hardcore.
PS: Don't have their ST, but The Search pretty much covers it, enjoy and Wise Up!


Bold - Nailed To The X / Talk Is Cheap

Speak Out [1988]
Looking Back [1989]
The Search 1985 - 1989

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