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 Brigadir\Бригадир is an Russian Oi! band coming from St.Petersburg. They are an Anarchist oi band, cooperating with the russian RASH (redskins.ru) organization. Their members are ex-Bukaneros without the female vocalist. While Bukaneros were more streetpunk\oi musicly and lyricly, the Brigadir is a band that took more militant influence from European famous rash oi bands like Brigada Flores Magon and Non Servium (which song they covered - Duh Oi!\ El spiritu del Oi!), and their oi! music which is more aggressive (oicore) than the traditional oi! music. Lyrics contain songs about anarchism, football and struggle in russia, fighting with the boneheads.They vocalist is an sxe, not sure for the rest of the band. They made a split in 2008 with another russian rash band Krasnyj Gorizont. They don't have an album yet, but i hope they will release one soon. Also this year they made 4 new song, they put on myspace. They are actively supporting the antifascist fight in Russia with the neonazis (these guys aren't joking), also made an apperance on the Antifascist Attitude. Anyway this is one of my favourite rash oi! bands, and i can say that at the moment one of the best there is these days in whole Europe, just waiting for more material and concerts out of Russia. 



Brigadir - If you ain't got the power


Brigadir & Krasnyj Gorizont - Split [2008]  

Myspace new songs [2010] 


St.Petersburg Rash\Sharp unity crew in 2006.

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