nedjelja, 12. prosinca 2010.

The Prowlers

More Oi! music. The Prowlers are an oi band from Montreal, Canada. The band was formed sometime around the year 2000, when they issued an album called "Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow" (from the Ramones song Here Today, Gone Tomorrow). Their second and last relesae was an Ep in 2003 "Chaos in the City". Their music is heavily influenced by british classic oi from the early 80's; made two covers, the 4 skins and Oppressed. They are strongly supporting antifascism but not in the songs.Their lyrics are oi based (violence, streetlife, drinking, working class). The band isn't that active anymore, but i've heared they are preparing to do a few shows. They made an appearance on the Skinhead Attitude.
Classic oi tunes, Enjoy.

The Prowlers - Friday Night

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow [2000]
Chaos in the City [2003]
Live in Toronto with the Oppressed (2009)
The Prowlers & Produzenten der Froide - Montreal vs. Stuttgart [2011]

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