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Frank castle gonna break your neck!

Russian trashcore\hardcore would be the best way to descibe them, although they sometimes describe themslelves also as skatecore\fastcore. The band was formed in Moscow in 2004 and relesead one ST in 2005. They we're inspired by oldschool Boston HC like Negative FX, SSD and European trashcore Ripcord, with political, antifascist and prejudice free lyrics. Something worth mentioning is that the band had the oppurtunity to play in Boston, and after that, that was pretty much it for them, because the singer Vova formed later a new band Razor Bois (i'll talk about them in the near future), and then a side project MDB.

A "few" words from them:
"The band was formed in the beginning of 2004 in the rotten hole called Moscow, Russia. If you haven't heard anything about this country you should know that it's a totally fascist state full of bullies, cops and nazi dickheads. We start the band to play fast thrashy hardcore and sing about the things we love (skateboarding, moshing, vandalism, comic books etc...) and hate (prejudices, cops, jocks, nazis, religious vomit etc...). If you don't like it - write a letter to the Russian president. He may like your attitude really much. Well...our first demo is out so we're open for trades! Peace, mosh and fast music!!!"

Frank castle gonna break your neck! - Everybody is a cop

Self-Titled [2005]

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