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Bobby Sixkiller

Bobby Sixkiller is a French Skinhead reggae band. I don't know much about the band, only that they are a relatively new band on the French scene, their music stlye is tradiotional early skinhead reggae playing with keyboards ofcourse, and that they have one release in 2010, a six track demo available to download on their site by the name "In Town".


Bobby Sixkiller - The Fuse is Blazing

In Town [2010]

Urban Waste

Urban Waste was an oldschool hardcore punk band from NY City, USA. They were formed in the 1981 when HC bands were forming\growing like "mushrooms after the rain" in the USA. Anyway they released only one EP with 8 songs in 1982 "Mob Style". The year 1984 was the end of Urban Waste, but the band reunited in 2008 doing still some gigs, now and then. Their music is fast and raw, typical oldschool with social lyrics. One interesting thing is that Roger Miret from the Agnostic Front stated that UW music got him into harcore.


Urban Waste - Public Opinion


No Respect

No Respect is an anti-racist "skinhead" ska bend from Göttingen, Gremany.The band was founded on the roots of a (hardcore) punk band around 1994. Their first demo "The First Tape" was not ska but punk with some mixtures of "hardcore" and oi because they were mostly consisted with skinheads in the band. In years ahead of them they wanted to perfect a little more their music knowledge and to change their stlye so the band got a brass section (saxophone, trombone, trumbet) and relesead their first ska-punk known sound with the "Excuse My Smile" album in 1997. 2 years later another album "Tunes of Decline", shortly followed with their  "The Confidence" album in 2003. They did also 2 Splits with the Stage Bottle (which i can't find anywhere) and Hammerhai. The band did one more last album "Unadjusted", and they released it with 2 CDs one CD consists with live recordings. The band disbanded and did their last gig in 2008. in their home town along with their country similar music fighters Scrapy.
Singing on English, their music is a mixture of ska (influenced by two-tone), punk music, with strong anti-racist lyrics (Human Scum, No Nazis Friend), and some anarchist (Anarchy) ideals all incorporated into skinhead lifestyle, subculture (Rude and wild) about every day life and the working class (16 tons cover). My warm recommendation for someone who hasn't listened to them yet.

No Respect - No Nazis Friend

The First Tape [Demo 1992]
Excuse My Smile [1997]
Tunes of Decline [1999]
No Respect & Hammerhai - Die [1999]
Confidence [2002]
Unadjusted [2005]

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Bolchoï is a RASH oi band coming from Toulouse, France. They began forming the band in 1999, but first demo came out in 2000, and in the year 2002 they relesaed their first EP "Gueules Cassées" (Broken Faces) with Julien from BFM who was temporarily on drums. In the year 2004 they finally made their ST,we can say also that year was the end for Bolchoï. They appeard on the compilation Class Pride World Wide vol. 2, and also did cover song for Chaos (the 4 Skins), and Guns of Brixton from The Clash. After 2004 the band went their separate ways, still playing in other bands. The lyrics of the band were about the social point od individuals who were left behind connected with skinheads group identity. Their lyrics are also connected with anti-racism, anti-fascism, socialism and anarchism and were an active band at the French RASH scene\community helping with the Barricata fest and fanzines. One special thing about Bolchoï  is that they had a female vocalist. I will post only the ST, because almost all songs produced by them can be find on the album. Enjoy.


Bolchoi - Gueules Cassées

Bolchoï [2004]

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Casey Jones

"Straight edge for a while. A crooked X for that crooked smile" , Casey Jones is a "militant" straight edge hardcore band from Jacksonville, USA. Formed in 2003 as a side project of Evergreen Terrace. Inspiration for the name is actually from a cartoon character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Their music is fast and direct straight edge up your face and these guys really aren't joking. First release is from 2003, "Are Some Crucial Dudes", year after "The Few, The Proud, The Crucial" and "The Messenger" in 2006. The year 2011 is definitely the end for this great band, they are releasing their final album "I hope we're not the Last" in January, and preparnig for the last tour. If they come close to you be sure attend their gig, but remember, "If you're smoking there, you better be on fire!"

Some words from the frontmen about the break up:
“When we started this band, we didn’t expect to release records, much less to gain fans across the world. We certainly didn’t expect so many people to be moved by our message. Because this band has never been first priority to its members, it has always equated to pure expression and pure fun. All things must come to an end, and we believe 2011 will be a great year to spend on tour and saying goodbye. This is going to be fun”.


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Invisible Border

Russian hardcore band, playing fast, playing furious. Relatively new band on the expanding russian hardcore scene. They had a couple of problems with the members leaving the band through past few years, but they jumped on their feet and released an album last year, and the name goes something like this "So Liberty faded sun" (having problems with the russian cyrillic translation). Anyway enjoy their music as much as i do, and like they say:
"Hey we’re gonna fuck all the hardcore scene of Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Invisible Border - Удушье 

Invisible Border - Так Свободы Гасло Солнце [2009]

Moscow Death Brigade

Alright, now here is something totally different. This is an undergorund hip-hop project band Straight Outta Moscow, strictly antifascist, and with members of Sharp band Razor Bois and Frank Castle Gonna Break your Neck! The singer Vova from both bands is now one of the singers here. They made songs ofcourse with the Razor Bois and with the russian hardcore threat What We Feel. They don't have an album yet only a few demos, but i hope they will record something one day. About 3 months ago i had a friend of MDB who did also some sets on their songs, he was here in Croatia for 2 days, so i had a time to chat with him about the scene and problems with neo-nazis in Russia. Fucked up situation. Enough of my talking here is the best way to descibe them:

“We believe that hip-hop music can be an extremely powerful weapon against fascist bullshit of any kind, bigotry, ignorance, prejudices and senseless hate. It also can unite people and spread the positive message of friendship and mutual support.

To make a long story short – we’re from the country, where neo-Nazi bullshit movement is fucking huge. Literally it means that you can be crippled or murdered for your skin color, “wrong” accent or clothes anytime anywhere in Russia. We’re not talking about some “bad” neighborhoods – people are being killed in the very centre of the city, in the broad daylight, while the cops pretend to be looking the other way. Moreover, kids get stabbed to death or shot just for going to punk rock or hip-hop shows or speaking against Nazi- bullshit. How “gangsta” is that, tough guy?

We are (straight edge), but we don’t support militant sxe and hardline. We believe that a person must be judged not by the fact if he/she drinks or not, but by the way he/she acts. “

One pic. from the Razor Bois, their friends and their scene support.

MDB - Straight Outta Moscow

Moscow Death Brigade - Demos 


I don't know why is this band underrated that much, but anyway Redweiler are a redskin oi! streepunk band from Bordeaux, France. As i love the french oi! scene, escpecially the RASH one, their music and of BFM, would be the best way to describe the scene. Fast music with socialist lyrics, and one special thing about them is that they have two vocals. They made only one album in 2008,  "Bordeaux Saigne" (bleeding), and where on some compilations like United Skins (/// edition) and the french one Appel Aux Luttes. The band isn't active any more, i haven't heard them doing concerts in a while, and the last time i checked them, they were searching for a new guitar player, good luck with that, beacuse it would be a shame that a good band like this one stops playing.


Redweiler - Sans Position

Bordeaux Saigne [2008]

Produzenten der Froide

My first post will be one of my favourite German oi! bands PDF. "Antifascist and Drunk Rock’n’Roll Motor City Stuttgart"  is just the best way to describe them and their music with catchy tunes and firm\solid "deutsche" voice of the frontmen. Thier lyrics are typical oi! band stereotype ones from exepction of  "fucking around" and antifascim. The band started playing back in the early 90's but without any solid recordings of their music until the 2007 when they recorded their first album "Stuttgart bei Nacht". 2 years later they recorded an another album "Ready For Love". The band also did a split with the classic British oi! band Red Alert this year, and were on a Tribute to the Oppressed with the cover of Skinhead Times. One more cover should be mentioned and that is the one of the Sex Pistols, The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Schwindel. The band is strongly a part of the German AFA, still alive and kicking and doing concerts across Germany, Europe and now preparing to tour Canada. Be sure to check them out, and now enough talking, start listening.

Produzenten der Froide - Rock'n'Roll Schwindel

Stuttgart bei Nacht [2007]
Ready For Love [2009]
Red Alert & Produzenten der Froide - Split [2010]