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SurVet Skins

SurVet Skins is a side project (if we can call it that way) of the Paris traditional ska band 8°6 Crew. Don't know exactly when they were formed or began playing, only that they made a ST in the year 2010, so we can consider this band a new one on the french oi! scene. This was a natural thing to split the bands ambitions as 8°6 Crew had tendencies to play oi! music in their older songs like Emeute, Working class hero and their new songs were more focused on the skinhead reggae style, so this got them a chance to express and specialise their music in 2 directions through 2 bands. They are playing oi! - skinhead rock 'n' roll, strictly antiracist and proud with 2 vocals (Charly from 8°6 Crew and Beck roadie and a good friend of the band). Still under the inflence of the roots, so they made a cover of the rocksteady\reggea group The Tennors, "Ride the donkey" in an oi! version of the song. Sorry i'm still under the impression of the bands show, fuckin' great band and greater people.


Survet Skins - 80's Story

ST [2010]

Red Sect

Red Sect is a young Oi! band from the Russian Siberia (don't know exactly which town). They are a new band on the Russian red\antifascist scene with only a Demo in 2010. They are maybe best known for their "anthem" Red Skinhead: "But if I'll be asked why am I red? But I love the working class more than my live!"

Red Sect - Красный скинхед (Red Skinhead)

Demo [2010]

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Boisterous is an Oi! band from England, Newcastle. I don't wanna clasify oi! music into stages, but this is definetly a band from the emerged second wave of oi! bands formed in the 1990., if we can take the beginnings\first wave the late 70's, early and mid  80's and the second with bands like Boisterous, Argy Bargy, Crashed Out, Pressure 28, Another Man's Poison. as the second wave the late 80's, early and mid 90's when street music and the punk image was slowly fading away from the media and popular culture and heading back to the real street life kids. They made their first demo "Boots Bairns" in 1992, came out on several compilations, did a EP "Harry Was A Hooli" in 1993 and finally a LP released in 1995 "Skip Raiders" (with the EP songs inside). Their music was about havin' a laugh, Oi!, birds 'n' beer, football and ofcouse the working class and street life situations and problems. As fas as i know the band isn't active anymore. Enjoy.

Boisterous - Working Class Man

Boots Bairns Demo [1992]
Skip Riders [1995]

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Lazy Bastards

Lazy Bastards are a punk, rock'n'roll and Oi! (as they would say) band from Germany. They were formed in 2007, but they issued only one record, an EP finished in 2010 under the name "Together till the end" . You could say that the band started playing in 2009 when they did a tour and lot of shows over Europe, and have shared the stage with bands like Discipline, Toxpack, KrawallBruder and Stomper 98. Their music is melodic and energetic with streetpunk lyrics. The band is on an ascending line from the last year on, so be sure to hear them out.


Lazy Bastards - Sad story

Together till the end [2010]

Identität 19.02.

After our trip to Massilia Antifascist fest failed, we decided to go to Wiena for a consolation prize (if you can call this gig that way). Although Wiena is close to Zagreb, and there are dozens of concert there over the year, this was my first visit to the Arena in Wiena. Certainly not the last, especially as we saw an interesting gig that will be in May (Last Resort, HardxTimes and Krawallbrüder).
Anyway we started our trip from Dubrava, with "only" 8 people inside the van that looked like a minibus, as we couldn't fill the van. Nevertheless the atmosphere in the van was boiling, as we started to drink lots of beer in the start, so the trip didn't seem to last 5 hours, which we had to cross to come to Wiena. When we got there, we were a little bit lost searching for the Arena, but we got there eventually. In front of the club there was a big surprise waitning for us, as the concert was sold out, and the guy in the front said that it was full and we can't come in. But then we used the psychology and persuading tests on him, constantly saying "but you don't understand, we came from Croatia", and were a little big drunk using this method. The guy finally showed mercy and let us in to buy the tickets. The bastard lied to us, it wasn't that full (at least not for Croatian gig standards). When we got in, we checked a little bit of merchandise, got some poseur photos with Phil from the Templars\Stomper 98, and spent money on expensive beers in the club.

We came just in time when the band Lazy Bastards began to play. I have to admit i haven't listened to them before, but when i heard they are going to be here i checked them out. A typical streetpunk band, nothing special, until i watched them play (couldn't recognise them at first, beacuse they seem to have got a street image, against the punk that i saw on youtube, maybe because of the concert) they made a good impression on me. With their songs like 3.HA, Sad Story, Working Class Rock n Roll and  Glasses in the Air they made a pretty good show.
The second band Wiens No.1 remineded me of Bull Brigade at home turfs. The crowd (locals) went wild on every their song, singing with the vocalist and trashing the place with pogo dancing and climbing stage. They played their songs like Fussball Lied, Wiens No. 1, Kids der Strasse, Allez, Punks and skins and rock n roller and some from the new album Hooligans in uniform, Gepflegt und arrogant. Didn't know this until the singer of Oi! Front told me, that the guitarist of the band is a Croat and sympathises Dinamo Zagreb. Eventually i had my own show after their every song shouting Dinamo like a maniac (drunk things). I bought their new LP vinyl Zügellos, from the lovely polish girl on their merch. so i am looking forward in listening more from them.
After them the main band came on stage. No need to introduce this amazing band. I saw them once on Endless Summer but i'm not a big fan of huge concerts or festivals, so this was a great chance to hear and expirience them better when the atmosphere on the concert is more private and certainly better for enjoying the band. They are really kings without a crown from what i heard that night. They have a special aura while playing, and especially the saxophone which emphasises the bands greatness even more. They played for almost an hour only hit songs like Für die Ewigkeit, In der Stadt, Jugendzeit, Vereint und Stark, Identitaet, Geweint und gelacht, Alle haben bier gern, Du bist wie wir etc.. Also played their cover of 4 Skins Chaos, when i thought that the crowd would go more wild, but it was fairly good i can't say. For the end they finished with the songs like A way of life and Jetzt Erst Recht. They made a damn good show even though this was one of my soberest gigs, and the trip was worth it after listening to them. After the gig there was some fun, when some local skins got in a fist match outside. When it finished we didn't stay a lot as we were dead hungry, so we searched for some food before going home.
We got in Zagreb at about 8am and went our own ways. All i can say after this, that it was a good spent Saturday and looking forward to new gigs.
PS: I'll put Lazy Bastards through the day for download.

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Nihil Baxter

"Punk is Dead and you're the killer" - Nihil Baxter is a hardcore band from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. These 4 guys are playing fast trashy hardcore similar to Surf Nazis Must Die. This is a new band, making DIY music with first release in 2008 "Demotape", second is a ST in 2009 and a split in 2010 with Alarmstufe Gerd (also trashcore from Germany). Nihil Baxter made a interesting cover song of Cro-Mags, Hard Times. If you like fast trash hardcore definitely check them out.


Nihil Baxter - Deutschland du Opfer, Hate.Kill.Destroy, Punk Is Dead, Sick of You

Demotape [2008]
Nihil Baxter [2009]
Nihil Baxter & Alarmstufe Gerd - Split

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Judge is a NY Hardcore sxe band. Formed in 1987 by the guitarist and former drummer of the band Youth of Today. Under their influence of youth crew and sxe, they wanted to form a militant type sxe band, also lyricly. Their first release was an 1988 EP "New York Crew" on the label Schism ( Porcelly's label - guitarist), with 5 raging songs and a cover of a classic oi song Blitz, The Warriors. After that they released 2 LP's in 1989 "Chung King Can Suck It" and "Bringin It Down" (featuring songs from the first EP). Their final release was an EP in 1990 "There Will Be Quiet, After the Storm" with a cover of a Led Zeppelin song. They fell apart in the year 1991 but their music made a huge impact for the 90's sxe and hardcore bands.


Judge - New York Crew

New York Crew [1988]
Chung King Can Suck It [1989]
Bringin It Down [1989]
There Will Be Quiet, After the Storm [1990]

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Young Soul Rebel

Young Soul Rebel is a french Hardcore band. They are a new band, with only one release in 2010 "Black clouds and no tears". Their first sound was more oi influenced and as the years past the members got a hardcore sound for the band. They are not a sxe band because of the drummer, and one more interesting thing is that they have an antifascist stance (not that common for Hardcore bands). They did a pretty good cover od Warzone's In the Mirror. Definitely check this band out.


Young Soul Rebel - Make the Difference

Black clouds and no tears [2010]

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Nabat is an classic Italian Oi! band coming from laida\ugly Bologna. They are one of the first oi! bands on the Italian ground formed in 1979., that made a huge impact. The same year Nabat played their first gig in an anarchist centre (don't know if their name was taken from the Ukraine's anarchist organisation Nabat) with other punk groups freshly formed in Bologna. They first released a demo in 1981, a split tape with Ripp Off (also Bologna Oi!), after that their famous EP "Scenderemo Nelle Strade" the same year. In 1983 their second EP was out "Laida Bologna". In the upcoming years the problem in England and Europe spread wide with the fascist picture of skinhead subculture began, so there was tension and bigger gaps between the punk and skins so Nabat did some shows and projects spreading the "unity". In 1985 their released their first LP "Un altro giorno di gloria" dedicated to Nelson Mandela and few more racist fighters. After that the band wasn't that active, released their final LP in 1996 "Nati per niente". Their guitarist published a book "Skinhead - lo stile della strada" about the skinhead movement history and particular reference to the Italian skinheads. The vocalist made a project band Steno & Laida Bologna Crew, but did only several shows under that name. The band is still playing, did a show on the Croatian fest Monteparadiso 2009 in Pula, but i didn't caught them, but there is still time, enjoy.


Nabat - Tempi Nuovi

Nabat & Rip Off - Split (1981)
Scenderemo Nelle Strade EP [1981]
Laida Bologna EP [1983]
Un altro giorno di gloria [1985]
Nati per niente [1996]

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The Press

The Press is a SHARP Oi! band coming from New York, USA. The Press were formed in 1984 and are actually one of the first Oi! bands that came from America, certainly the first Oi! band in NYC, as hardcore was raging on the streets of NY at that time. The band recorded some songs but have had difficulties to make a reputation for themselves as they had a softer sound than the British Oi! bands, even Roddy Moreno refused to release them on Oi! Records as he thought they were a Mod band. The band was a big participant in the SHARP movement (did the first benefit SHARP concert) in the late 80's, and were followed by a crowd of antifacist skinheads. These years and the early 90's were the peak of the band, as they fell apart in 1994. Their only released record was a split with the Radicts, but Insurgence records later released their discography. Although the band consider themselves apolitical, except for the singer Andre Schlesinger who had sympathies for the Britsh Socialist\Workers Party, and was a huge fan of the Redskins (band). Their lyrics are dealing every day life situations, working man problems and left wing views like the most notable song "Revolution now". The band was also an inspiration for the birth of the RASH movement in North USA and Canada.

The Press - A.S.A.P.

Complete Press -- 1984 - 1994

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HardxTimes is also a tricky band to put somewhere. The band is from Paris, France, and they are playing oi! mixed with a heavy hardcore sound. To make a long story short here's what they say: "Created with the love of Oi! in the early days of 2003 due to the lack of true streetpunk band in Paris, a few friends dedicated to the Skinhead scene with multiple but converging love in Oi! & Hardcore, decided to create a non compromising band which will regroup respect of the traditional Skinhead spirit of 69' cult and hard tough contemporary rough sounds close to bands like Warzone and Hardcore in general.". The band relesead a few albums and EP's. The first LP was "We Take Shit From No One" in 2007, then an EP "Demain nous appartient" in 2008, and finally a LP in 2010 "Life is a Battlefield", with some singles, and split releases (Mouthguard from Australia), but these albums cover pretty much all their songs. They also did some good cover songs of Warzone's Skinhead Youth and the Oppressed's Ultra Violence. The band did gigs with Oi and Hardcore bands like the Templars, Last resort, The First Step, Champion, Comeback Kid etc. The members of the band are in the SHARP Paris crew, they have strong antiracist views, and the lyrics are dealing with streetlife problems. Although the new album is more soft (less hardcore) than the first LP, still i think you will enjoy this unique combination.


HardxTimes - Temps De Sang

We Take Shit From No One [2007] 
Demain nous appartient [EP 2008] 
Life is Battlefield [2010] 

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Dandy Livingstone

Here is a treat for all you trojan 69'ers. Dandy Livingstone is a a skinhead reggae musician originally from Jamaica but came to UK (like the majority of early reggae, ska, rocksteady musicians) at the age of 15 and grew up there. Exactly that mixture od Jamaican Rude Boys and their music in Britian made a fertile ground where later on black and white skinheads were brewed. His first record in Uk was "Rocksteady with Dandy" in 1967, but Dandy is maybe best known for his hit single, later covered by the Specials "A message to you Rudy". This is not the only hit from Dandy, songs like "Suzanne Beware of the Devil", "Reggae in Your Jeggae", "Trouble in the Town", "Big  City" and "(People get ready) Let's do Rocksteady" are just some hits played in the dancehalls of UK. He has a vast discography, so no point of listing all albums along with the singles. I'm giving you his greatest hits compilation album released in 2002 by the Trojan records under the name "Suzanne Beware of The Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone". This is one of my favourite skinhead reggae musicians so i hope you'll enjoy it too, and never forget your roots

Dandy Livingstone - Reggae In Your Jeggae

Suzanne Beware Of The Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone

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Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Feine Sahne Fischfilet is a Ska-punk band from Rostock, Germany. Didn't know where i could put them because they ain't that ska, only beacuse of the trumpet, they ain't much punk either, and ain't pure Oi!, only lyricly in some songs, but because of the shortage of ska tags, and them being a ska-punk band, let's put them in Ska tags. Anyway FSF is a new band. Released their first album in 2009 "Backstage mit Freunden", and one more in 2010 "Wut im Bauch - Trauer im Herzen". They are known for their hard Antifascist stance in Germany and abroad, they did support and benefit gigs. The band did a Balkan Tour and it was arranged for them to come near Zagreb on a gig, but unfortunately the gear from the club was stolen a week from the show, so it was cancelled. Hope one day they will come and do a show in Croatia. Class and Roll all the way, enjoy.


FSF - For eternal memory of Vanja Kostolom, Novi Sad

Backstage mit Freunden [2009]
Wut im Bauch - Trauer im Herzen [2010]


"Siamo gli S-contro veniamo da Torino", so as they say S-Contro is an Italian Oi! band coming from ofcourse Turin. They began playing sometime in the late 90's, and recorded their first EP "L'inizio" in the year 2001. After that, they did 2 more albums "America Assassina" in 2003 and  "King of Fools" in 2007. The band is still alive and kicking, doing shows, but don't know about new releases. S-Contro have an anarchist and an antifascist stance. Typical Italian oi band with a sound similar to bands like Youngang, 5MDR and other bands from this area. If you like the Italian Oi! scene, this is definitely a band for your hard disk and your ears.


S-Contro - S-Contro

L'inizio [2001]
America Assassina [2003]
King of Fools [2007]