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Judge is a NY Hardcore sxe band. Formed in 1987 by the guitarist and former drummer of the band Youth of Today. Under their influence of youth crew and sxe, they wanted to form a militant type sxe band, also lyricly. Their first release was an 1988 EP "New York Crew" on the label Schism ( Porcelly's label - guitarist), with 5 raging songs and a cover of a classic oi song Blitz, The Warriors. After that they released 2 LP's in 1989 "Chung King Can Suck It" and "Bringin It Down" (featuring songs from the first EP). Their final release was an EP in 1990 "There Will Be Quiet, After the Storm" with a cover of a Led Zeppelin song. They fell apart in the year 1991 but their music made a huge impact for the 90's sxe and hardcore bands.


Judge - New York Crew

New York Crew [1988]
Chung King Can Suck It [1989]
Bringin It Down [1989]
There Will Be Quiet, After the Storm [1990]

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