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Comrade is a SHARP antifascist Oi! band from Antwerp, Belgium. They began playing in the late 80's and split up in 1993. They relesead only a Demo in 1990, and there was also a Live release with Oi Polloi on a concert in 1988, but it's very rare to find. Their sound is influenced by the oi! from the British bands in the 80's. After the split they tried to get some ska into their sound, even hardcore, because the NY scene was a big influence for them in the 90's, but their first enthusiasm fainted away, and they never reformed. Their real inspiration was the boom of antifascim stance in the late 80's with the emerging of the Oppressed antifascist stance, Blaggers (ITA), AFA on the Island, SHARP in NY, the birth of Redskins movement in their border country France and so on. So their lyrics are dealing that kind of topics like pro-working class, Apartheid, anti-capitalism, Palestinian support.


Comrade - You´re All Gonna Die

Démo [1990]

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Bootstock is a Croatian oi! band. These 5 guys are coming from Ivanić Grad near Zagreb. Playing classic oi with ska mixtures for about 5 years, influenced by bands like the Bruisers, Templars, Cock Sparrer, the 4-Skins and traditional ska like Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals (covering sometimes bands like these). Althought they are "active" this long, they recorded their first album a week ago. Before that you could only find their Demo, but only amongst people close to them. Guys are now finnally stepping on the scene with good shows ahead of them. Lyricly dealing with topics about their home town, street life, police problems etc. Really a great band, not very well known.

Bootstock - Naš Grad

Bootstock [2011]

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Defeater is a melodic hardcore band from Massachusett, USA. Born in 2004 influenced by bands like Fugazi and musically by Minor Threat and Modern Life Is War. This band is taking over the modern hardcore scene not only with their catchy instrumental riffs, but also withe their deep and strong metaphorical lyrics regarding life and world problems and topics. They released an album "Travels" in 2008 on Topshelf records (owned and operated by Bridge Nine employee), also re-released on Bridge Nine, and a year after an EP "Lost Ground". Just few weeks ago the new EP "Dear Father" was out featuring 2 songs and shortly after that the LP "Empty Days & Sleepless Nights" just came out,  i'm sure it will be even better than the last album\EP. As they are touring Europe, i won't miss a chance to hear this great band live and expirience their music, got their ticket today and looking forward heading to Vienna (Austria) in a month from now.

Preview of the new album


Defeater - Red White and Blues, Blessed Burden

Travels [2008]
Lost Ground [2009]
Dear Father [2011]
Empty Days And Sleepless Nights [2011]

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There are more than one band named Mindset, but now i'm giving you the Baltimore, Maryland sxe hardcore band. This is a new band with only 2 EPs released ( "Real Power" and "Time And Pressure" in 2010)  and with few years recording behind them. They are playing fast posi-core sxe youth crew influenced to the roots, mixing Floorpunch, Betrayed, the First Step into their own unique sound. Energy is simply bursting, enjoy.


Mindset - Words

Real Power
Time And Pressure [2010]
Liveset [2010]

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The Strike

The Strike is a British Oi! band. Formed in the first wave of oi! music, early 80's.Their songs were on some compilations like 'Strength Thru Oi!'' and ''Back On The Streets'', and made some split with the Antisocial. I'm giving you their classic collection of songs they made in those days. Lyricly this band is dealing with social problems of the 80's working class and confused angry youth on the streets (classic). Enjoy.

The Strike - Gang Warfare

The Oi! Collection

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Eve & The Evils

Eve & The Evils is a young ska band from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed sometime in 2009, started doing shows in 2010, and in full speed in 2011 with good gigs ahead of them. Their sound isn't typical ska punk (and that's the best thing about them), i would put them more to an energetic ska combining rock elements, some say even soul, but let the artist tag themselves. They put on their myspace one and only EP available for download (the link doesn't work anymore). One more thing, they have a female vocalist, and the whole package sounds great. They deserve more attention, that's for sure.
Made an LP, enjoy.


Eve & the Evils - Headless Saturday

Drinking Round EP [2010]
Eviltone [2011]

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Assalt 43

Assalt 43 is an Oi! (at least started) band from Barcelona, Catalunya (not Spain, as they would say). These proud Catalans were formed in 2005, in their sound mixing oi with a tougher, rougher hardcore sound especially in theses days when they are without their female vocalist. So their sound should be characterised similar to Non Servium, Zartako (Brutal Oi\Streetcore!). As i started to write, they have had a female singer, with a hard voice, she could easily ashame and compete with any male Oi! vocalist. Their first album was "Nuestro Camino" in 2006, after the album and the song "Orgullo y Poder" (released only in video form) in 2008, Laura left the band (don't know the reason), and after that they did one EP in 2009 "HellCore" (more hardcore\streetcore sound). Lyrics are typical Oi! made in Spain, about football, violence, antifascism, working class ect. This is a great band, despite their lack of reputation, especially because of the female voice in Oi!, but the second is still good enough, don't miss this out.


Assalt 43 - Orgullo y Poder

Nuestro Camino [2006]
HellCore EP [2009]

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Short Fuse

Short Fuse is a german hardcore band from Münster, Germany. Their music is fast, trashy and aggressive hardcore, oi influenced, playing very similar to a 86 Mentality sound. Formed sometime between 2005. First record was self-released Demo in 2005, followed by 2 EP's in 2006 "Fruitless Efforts" and in 2007 "Blight", in 2009 they released an LP "Burnout". Enjoy the Mü\onsters.


Short Fuse - Burnout

Demotape [2005] 
Fruitless Efforts [2006] 
Blight [2007] 
Burnout [2009] 

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Violent Children

Violent Children is a sxe hardcore band from Connecticut, USA. The band was formed somtime in the early 80's, releasing two EP's in 1984, one "ST" and a Demo, all wraped in one Collection of their songs. The band was playing fast sxe hardcore with pro-skating mentality. The singer of the band Ray Cappo later formed the more famous Youth of Today band. 

Violent Children - SPlit Scene

Collection [1984]

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Bystreet is an Oi! band from Moscow, Russia. Formed in the mid 00's, with more work done under their feet. They released an EP "Remember Your Roots" in 2006, then done a Split with Old Style Values mentioned in the earlier post, and in 2010 an album "All Those Drunken Songs". They did a cover od Sparrer's Enlgand Belongs to me in their version. Hated and proud, enjoy.


Bystreet - Drinkin' Class

Remember Your Roots [2006]
All Those Drunken Songs [2010]

Old Style Values

Old Style Values is a new Oi! band coming from Moscow, Russia. Mixing streetpunk\streetcore these guys are a new band on the scene. They made a Promo, released a few days ago, and one split "In Our Hearts” (in the memory of their close friend Fedor Filatov, killed by nazis October 10th 2008) with another Moscow Trojan\Sharp band Bystreet in 2009. Classic oi topics in their songs, and one Oxymoron cover Crisis Identity worth mentioning. Nobody does it like the Russians, cheers.


Old Style Values - Kto My

Demo [2011]
Old Style Values & Bystreet - V Nashih Serdcah [2009]

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Unity is a hardcore band from Orange County (California), USA. Sxe guys, part of the youth crew hardcore movement. Don't know the exact time these guys were playing, only in the mid 80's, until they fell apart in the late 80's. They are better known for their later bands like Ignite and Uniform Choice. They made an EP "You are one" (which in my personal opinion better sounds), and an LP "Blood days".

Unity - You Are One EP

You are one
Blood days [1989]

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Red Card

Red Card is an Oi! band from Izhevsk, Russia. They were formed in the end of 2006 and disbanded in 2010. Despite their 4 years of work Red Card didn't left a lot of material, only one 5 song EP "Geroi spal'nyh raionov" (Heroes of the sleepy area) released in 2009. Inspite of that, they certainly made an impact on the Russian scene showing and supporting antifascism and resisting any kind of authority, like in their songs. Their music is also slightly influenced by ska. They also covered Sleeping with the enemy, Oppressed song on the same Tribute compilation (posted earlier on the blog).


Red Card - Proletarian revenge

Geroi spal'nyh raionov [2009]

Last Rights

Last Rights is a Hardcore band from Boston, USA. They rose from the split of the band Negative FX, and along with DYS, SS Decontrol holded the core of the Boston sxe Crew. They were formed sometime in 1982 (probably late 82') and did their infamous first and only show in early 83'. They made a six track EP only. I would describe their sound as Negative FX listening to Oi! (some say they where influenced).


Last Rights - No Guts, No Glory

Last Rights

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Maraboots is a young Sharp Oi! band from Paris, France. They have 2 releases "PPD Halles" in 2010 and a ST EP in 2011. Despite them being a young band, they went through some changes in their line-up, i'm saying that because they had a female player on the saxophone. Their demo was available free on their myspace, but was lost, so i will put it. That pretty much covers everything there is to say about them, enjoy the music.


Maraboots - Neuski

PPD Halles [2010]
ST [2011]


S-Molest is an Italian Oi! band coming from Roma. They were formed sometime in the year 2007, so they are a new band on the scene. They are part of the RASH Roma although their lyrics don't deal with antifascism so directly. They made 2 albums, the first one is "Ao! The Album" in 2009., and the second "La nostra vita" in 2010. One month from now, they are playing in Marseille, looking forward to see their guitar player, and to hear them live.


S-Molest - Skinhead San Lorenzo 

Ao! The Album [2009]
La nostra vita [2010]