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The Press

The Press is a SHARP Oi! band coming from New York, USA. The Press were formed in 1984 and are actually one of the first Oi! bands that came from America, certainly the first Oi! band in NYC, as hardcore was raging on the streets of NY at that time. The band recorded some songs but have had difficulties to make a reputation for themselves as they had a softer sound than the British Oi! bands, even Roddy Moreno refused to release them on Oi! Records as he thought they were a Mod band. The band was a big participant in the SHARP movement (did the first benefit SHARP concert) in the late 80's, and were followed by a crowd of antifacist skinheads. These years and the early 90's were the peak of the band, as they fell apart in 1994. Their only released record was a split with the Radicts, but Insurgence records later released their discography. Although the band consider themselves apolitical, except for the singer Andre Schlesinger who had sympathies for the Britsh Socialist\Workers Party, and was a huge fan of the Redskins (band). Their lyrics are dealing every day life situations, working man problems and left wing views like the most notable song "Revolution now". The band was also an inspiration for the birth of the RASH movement in North USA and Canada.

The Press - A.S.A.P.

Complete Press -- 1984 - 1994

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