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SurVet Skins

SurVet Skins is a side project (if we can call it that way) of the Paris traditional ska band 8°6 Crew. Don't know exactly when they were formed or began playing, only that they made a ST in the year 2010, so we can consider this band a new one on the french oi! scene. This was a natural thing to split the bands ambitions as 8°6 Crew had tendencies to play oi! music in their older songs like Emeute, Working class hero and their new songs were more focused on the skinhead reggae style, so this got them a chance to express and specialise their music in 2 directions through 2 bands. They are playing oi! - skinhead rock 'n' roll, strictly antiracist and proud with 2 vocals (Charly from 8°6 Crew and Beck roadie and a good friend of the band). Still under the inflence of the roots, so they made a cover of the rocksteady\reggea group The Tennors, "Ride the donkey" in an oi! version of the song. Sorry i'm still under the impression of the bands show, fuckin' great band and greater people.


Survet Skins - 80's Story

ST [2010]

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