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Opcio k-95

So, Opcio k-95 is a catalan oi! band. Their name is taken by a Opcio Kalashnikov (Kalashnikov way) the gun which represents the antifascist fighters around the world. These guys are here from 1995 and they have 4 albums ("Cap Oportunitat" 1997, "Mai Morirem" 2000, "Terra Cremada" 2004 and "Reneix" 2010)  behind them as well as 2 splits ( with Brigada Flores Magon and Brixton Cats), and not to mention compilations they appeared on. Their music is a mixture of i would say english oi roots with a catalan soul as well as their friends music. This is obvious in the first 2 albums, while the second 2 are more instrumentally mature. They have very strong antifascist believes, and are a part of the Redskin movement in Spain, also they consider themselves Catalan patriots and socialists. Their lyrics are inspired by daily fight against fascism, class struggle and ethnic independence. They never played in eastern europe and can't wait to see them live again. Unfortunately i don't have a split with Brixton Cats only on vinyl, but the songs are from the last album Reneix. Stay smart, stay rebel and enjoy.


Opcio k-95 - Terra de sang

Cap Oportunitat [1997]
Mai Morirem [2000]
Terra Cremada [2004]
Reneix [2010]
Brigada Flores Magon & Opció K-95 - International Socialism

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RPG-7 is a spanish oicore band. A new band on their antifascist scene coming from Vallekas, a district near Madrid that is very proud of it's working class roots. They only have an EP for now called "... Un Paso de un Largo Camino" in 2010. Watch out for this band as their music is similar to Non Servium and Zartako combined.


RPG-7 - El Otro Bando

Un Paso de un Largo Camino [2010]

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Night Fever

Actually i got an excuse for not posting regularly. Having problems with my upload on MF, so i'll put links for download from the net, until i solve the problem. In the mean time I hope you all heard for this band. When about a year and a half ago their LP New Blood began circling a punk forum, back here all hell broke loose and everyone was hyped by this band. This is not a usual band. Night Fever combines very fast and oldschool infleunced hardcore with trashy but smart punch in the face lyrics and one very gifted vocalist with a vast vocal range. Actually this band is totally oldschool by their sound especially the first LP in 2009 mentioned before "New Blood". Now they are out with a brand new EP Transparent which is slightly more amplified with rock. They were actually in Croatia back in 2008. They had a break because one member was in prison (don't know which one so i want talk shit). But now i can see they are still kickin'. Enjoy and stay wasted.

Night Fever - New Blood

New blood [2009]
Transparent EP [2011]