srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

Get the Most

Since i don't know much about the band only that their influences are as hell fuckin' good and going with their youth crew sound. Here is the lastfm description fot those who want to know more: "Positive youth-crew hardcore from Vancouver. Featuring current members of Go it alone, In Stride, Ordeal and the now defunct Blue Monday. They are influenced and sound similar to: Insted, Youth Of Today, Unit Pride, and Uniform Choice. Common Goals EP released by Crucial Response Records in 2006." Records include "Core Values Demo" from 2005, the one mentioned above, "Moment in Time" in 2007 and finally their only and killer LP "Together" in 2010. Enjoy.

Get the Most - True Potential

Core Values Demo [2005]
Common Goals EP [2006]
Moment In Time [2007]
Together [2010]

ponedjeljak, 25. travnja 2011.

Wiens No.1

Wiens No.1 is an Austrian Oi! band from Wien(Vienna) ofcourse. Don't know exactly when the band started, but sometime round the year 2004 with 4 members, but the number went up to 5 of them eventually. First LP was in 2004 "Jetzt red ma tacheles", then "Punks And Skins And Rock N Roller" in 2005 and finally their new "Zuegellos" in 2009. The bands lyrics is dealing street life, football, friendship and havin' a laugh and the music as melodic oi!\streetpunk. They played alongside bands like 4 Promille, Gumbles, Bad Manners, Stomper 98 and others, but they deserve a better reputation on the euro oi! scene than the one they have know. Oh, yes! Did i mention that the guitarist is Croat. Cheers and enjoy.

Wiens No 1 - Wiens No 1

Jetzt red ma tacheles [2004]
Punks And Skins And Rock N Roller [2005]
Zuegellos [2009]

subota, 23. travnja 2011.

Negative FX

Negative FX is a oldschool hardcore band from Boston, USA. Formed in 1981, and made a huge impact on the sxe scene there, they are also known as the Boston Crew (friends that traveled along USA supporting the Boston bands) along with the bands SSD and DYS. Although they had only like five to six shows, they made their name on the scene very well known. They made an ST only in 1982, but didn't came out 'till 1984. Like the other Boston bands, they were known for violent gigs. After disbanding in 1983 the bands singer went on forming and singing in the band Last Rights, and after after that Slapshot.

Negative FX - Might Makes Right 83'

Negative FX (split with LR)


Ceremony is a hardcore band from Rohnert Park (CA), USA. The band was originally formed under the name Violent World until the year 2005 when they "adopted" the name Ceremony. The band has a very specific sound which makes 'em a messed up (in a good way) hardcore band with a chaotic voice of the singer, fast and trashy riffs turning for 180 degrees to slow riff shifts, with a melancholic\nihilistic lyrics that will poison your mind. So following their Demo in 2005 the first EP is out "Ruined", the year later the LP feat the EP songs "Violence Violence". In 2007 an EP "Scared People" with a Negative FX cover. The year 2008 an EP "He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings" and the second LP "Still Nothing Moves You" and finally in 2010, EP "Sick" and the third album "Rohnert Park".Sick, Sick, Sick.

Ceremony - Pressure's On

Demo [2005]
Ruined EP [2005]
Violence Violence LP [2006]
Scared People EP [2007]
He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings EP [2008]
Still Nothing Moves You LP [2008]
Sick EP [2010]
Rohnert Park [2010]
6 Cover Songs [2011]

srijeda, 20. travnja 2011.

Esclaves Salaries

Esclaves Salaries is an Oi! band from Montreal, Canada. The band started in the year 2000. Their name when translated means "Wage slavery", which means that this is a pro-working class left wing band with lyrics supporting the antifascist ideals in the society, skinhead subculture and working class problems. The band made 3 recorded materials. First their Demo\ST, than an EP in 2003 "Dur A Battre" covering "Johnny too bad" (an old skinhead reggae song by the Slickers) and finally an LP "Ca augure mal" in 2007, before their broke up in 2009. Their music is on french, influenced by french Oi! bands like Trotskids, Komintern Sect and others, and supported by the roots of the subculture in spirit of 69' and rock music. The band shared the stage with some famous contemporary Oi! artists like Jeunesse Apatride, Union Made, La Gachette, Brigada Flores Magon etc. They also made an appearance on the Class Pride World Wide and United Skins (the /// version) compilation. Shame they broke up. Fuckin awesome band!

Esclaves Salariés - Je Reste Fort

Dur A Battre [2003]
Ca augure mal [2007]

petak, 15. travnja 2011.

United Struggle

United Struggle is a young antifascist Oi! band from Düsseldorf, Germany. I got this band just a day ago, and i liked their music from the first song i heard. They seem to combine the true spirit and style of oldschool Oi! bands with a class pride mentality. Catchy and harsh tunes with smart lyrics is what this band is about. But lazy as ever, here's their bio from myspace. One more thing, they released an EP "The Reds are rockin'" in 2010.

"After all the years in the scene we are all bored by these new generation of Oi! bands: On one side just reactionary, conservative and stupid lyrics. On the other hand a lot of terrible metal or hardcore sounds. Boring and idiotic. The normal shows are mostly full of apolitical idiots which tolerate all kinds of scum there. The people just have to be stylish and oldschool (whatever that means-we prefer to be drunk in dirty C&A underwear and to debate about gandhi. Newscholl of skinhead culture). In Rhinish language you would say:" Jestern RAC und heute Ska, hach wat is dat Leeve wunderbar". It was time to do something for ourselfs to feel better. So we decided 2008 to start with "United Struggle" an Oi! band which is smart, direct, with an true oldschool punkrock sound and with a clear streetpolitical attitude. We love hard 80s Oi! music as we love cool drinks, millitant antfascism and the internationalist fight for justice, equality, solidarity and freedom (more beer for the working class). You can..t split it. Style & Attitude is for us one thing (greetings to George)!!! Also Classpride is more for us than being proud of being wage-earing. So stay tuned and enjoy our classic way of Punk music and Rumpel Oi!. See you all perhaps sometimes somewhere along the road. Fight back!!! To a better future!!!! Give Oi! back to the thinking class!!!"

United Struggle - Ressistance

The Reds are rocking [2010]

ponedjeljak, 11. travnja 2011.

Deer in the Headlights

Deer in the Headlights is a hardcore punk, screamo band from Banja Luka, B&H (ex-yugoslavia). The band was formed in 2010 and they have a 5 track Demo for now, released this year. Fronted by a female vocalist with a strong voice, this band will enter your mind very rapidly (at least they did to me).What else to say, than give them a chance, i think that they have a very perspective future. Enjoy.

Deer in the Headlights - Dying City

You can find their Demo on the band's 'site

srijeda, 6. travnja 2011.


5MDR or Cinque Minuti Di Rivolta is an Oi! band from Savona, Italy. 5MDR is band that was born from the ashes of a punk project started in 2005. The band didn't began seriously until the year 2008 when they did a few shows under the name of 5MDR. Shortly after they released their Demo "Stato Di Allerta" and began doing shows with notable and less notable italian Oi! bands like Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale, Roll Call, Cervelli Stanki, S-Contro and others. In 2010 they released their LP "Via di Qua" featuring some songs from the demo and a cover of Nabat's "Nichilistaggio". The band is dealing with rebellious, street life, working class, fooball and other Oi! topics. Also, do i have to say that they are antifascist? Ofcourse, they are. Really a great band, extremely underrated, but they are getting more and more attention. Enjoy the Savona boys.

5MDR - Da solo

Stato Di Allerta [2008]
Via di Qua [2010]

ponedjeljak, 4. travnja 2011.

The First Step

The First Step are a sxe hardcore band from North Carolina, USA. I'm kinda lazy to write about them and i think that these guys could describe themselves better than can I, so hear is their story:
"The First Step started in early 2001 with two simple goals in mind: to invigorate their local North Carolina scene and to write fast, thrashy hardcore that was lyrically honest and open. While the last 4 years have taken them all over the North America and Europe the goals still remain the same. During this time The First Step has released two EP’s: a S/T 7inch and the Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7 inch and an LP entitled What We Know on Rivalry Records. As time goes by TFS has only become stronger and more focused on their ideals as a band and the music they love playing." Disbanded in 2008 with their last show. Influenced by oldschool (DYS, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds...) and youth crew (GB, Youth of Today, Insted...) american hardcore bands. For lovers of the youth crew, huge recommendation and enjoy.
PS: Haven't got the Demo, but if i catch it, it will be here.

The First Step - As It Is

Open Hearts & Clear Minds [2002]
What We Know [2002]
Connection [2008]