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Esclaves Salaries

Esclaves Salaries is an Oi! band from Montreal, Canada. The band started in the year 2000. Their name when translated means "Wage slavery", which means that this is a pro-working class left wing band with lyrics supporting the antifascist ideals in the society, skinhead subculture and working class problems. The band made 3 recorded materials. First their Demo\ST, than an EP in 2003 "Dur A Battre" covering "Johnny too bad" (an old skinhead reggae song by the Slickers) and finally an LP "Ca augure mal" in 2007, before their broke up in 2009. Their music is on french, influenced by french Oi! bands like Trotskids, Komintern Sect and others, and supported by the roots of the subculture in spirit of 69' and rock music. The band shared the stage with some famous contemporary Oi! artists like Jeunesse Apatride, Union Made, La Gachette, Brigada Flores Magon etc. They also made an appearance on the Class Pride World Wide and United Skins (the /// version) compilation. Shame they broke up. Fuckin awesome band!

Esclaves Salariés - Je Reste Fort

Dur A Battre [2003]
Ca augure mal [2007]

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