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5MDR or Cinque Minuti Di Rivolta is an Oi! band from Savona, Italy. 5MDR is band that was born from the ashes of a punk project started in 2005. The band didn't began seriously until the year 2008 when they did a few shows under the name of 5MDR. Shortly after they released their Demo "Stato Di Allerta" and began doing shows with notable and less notable italian Oi! bands like Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale, Roll Call, Cervelli Stanki, S-Contro and others. In 2010 they released their LP "Via di Qua" featuring some songs from the demo and a cover of Nabat's "Nichilistaggio". The band is dealing with rebellious, street life, working class, fooball and other Oi! topics. Also, do i have to say that they are antifascist? Ofcourse, they are. Really a great band, extremely underrated, but they are getting more and more attention. Enjoy the Savona boys.

5MDR - Da solo

Stato Di Allerta [2008]
Via di Qua [2010]

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