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Wiens No.1

Wiens No.1 is an Austrian Oi! band from Wien(Vienna) ofcourse. Don't know exactly when the band started, but sometime round the year 2004 with 4 members, but the number went up to 5 of them eventually. First LP was in 2004 "Jetzt red ma tacheles", then "Punks And Skins And Rock N Roller" in 2005 and finally their new "Zuegellos" in 2009. The bands lyrics is dealing street life, football, friendship and havin' a laugh and the music as melodic oi!\streetpunk. They played alongside bands like 4 Promille, Gumbles, Bad Manners, Stomper 98 and others, but they deserve a better reputation on the euro oi! scene than the one they have know. Oh, yes! Did i mention that the guitarist is Croat. Cheers and enjoy.


Wiens No 1 - Wiens No 1

Jetzt red ma tacheles [2004]
Punks And Skins And Rock N Roller [2005]
Zuegellos [2009]

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