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The First Step

The First Step are a sxe hardcore band from North Carolina, USA. I'm kinda lazy to write about them and i think that these guys could describe themselves better than can I, so hear is their story:
"The First Step started in early 2001 with two simple goals in mind: to invigorate their local North Carolina scene and to write fast, thrashy hardcore that was lyrically honest and open. While the last 4 years have taken them all over the North America and Europe the goals still remain the same. During this time The First Step has released two EP’s: a S/T 7inch and the Open Hearts and Clear Minds 7 inch and an LP entitled What We Know on Rivalry Records. As time goes by TFS has only become stronger and more focused on their ideals as a band and the music they love playing." Disbanded in 2008 with their last show. Influenced by oldschool (DYS, Minor Threat, 7 Seconds...) and youth crew (GB, Youth of Today, Insted...) american hardcore bands. For lovers of the youth crew, huge recommendation and enjoy.
PS: Haven't got the Demo, but if i catch it, it will be here.


The First Step - As It Is

Open Hearts & Clear Minds [2002]
What We Know [2002]
Connection [2008]

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