petak, 15. travnja 2011.

United Struggle

United Struggle is a young antifascist Oi! band from Düsseldorf, Germany. I got this band just a day ago, and i liked their music from the first song i heard. They seem to combine the true spirit and style of oldschool Oi! bands with a class pride mentality. Catchy and harsh tunes with smart lyrics is what this band is about. But lazy as ever, here's their bio from myspace. One more thing, they released an EP "The Reds are rockin'" in 2010.

"After all the years in the scene we are all bored by these new generation of Oi! bands: On one side just reactionary, conservative and stupid lyrics. On the other hand a lot of terrible metal or hardcore sounds. Boring and idiotic. The normal shows are mostly full of apolitical idiots which tolerate all kinds of scum there. The people just have to be stylish and oldschool (whatever that means-we prefer to be drunk in dirty C&A underwear and to debate about gandhi. Newscholl of skinhead culture). In Rhinish language you would say:" Jestern RAC und heute Ska, hach wat is dat Leeve wunderbar". It was time to do something for ourselfs to feel better. So we decided 2008 to start with "United Struggle" an Oi! band which is smart, direct, with an true oldschool punkrock sound and with a clear streetpolitical attitude. We love hard 80s Oi! music as we love cool drinks, millitant antfascism and the internationalist fight for justice, equality, solidarity and freedom (more beer for the working class). You can..t split it. Style & Attitude is for us one thing (greetings to George)!!! Also Classpride is more for us than being proud of being wage-earing. So stay tuned and enjoy our classic way of Punk music and Rumpel Oi!. See you all perhaps sometimes somewhere along the road. Fight back!!! To a better future!!!! Give Oi! back to the thinking class!!!"

United Struggle - Ressistance

The Reds are rocking [2010]

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