srijeda, 27. travnja 2011.

Get the Most

Since i don't know much about the band only that their influences are as hell fuckin' good and going with their youth crew sound. Here is the lastfm description fot those who want to know more: "Positive youth-crew hardcore from Vancouver. Featuring current members of Go it alone, In Stride, Ordeal and the now defunct Blue Monday. They are influenced and sound similar to: Insted, Youth Of Today, Unit Pride, and Uniform Choice. Common Goals EP released by Crucial Response Records in 2006." Records include "Core Values Demo" from 2005, the one mentioned above, "Moment in Time" in 2007 and finally their only and killer LP "Together" in 2010. Enjoy.

Get the Most - True Potential

Core Values Demo [2005]
Common Goals EP [2006]
Moment In Time [2007]
Together [2010]

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