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Miles Away

Miles Away are a hardcore band from Perth, Australia. Well the band started in 2002. They wanted to make an impact on the kids playing a new style of hardcore influenced by mid to late 90's positive hardcore like Floorpunch, Ten Yard Fight, In My Eyes etc and certainly oldschool hardcore (Descendents cover). And the band sure did! From the first show 2003 they put Australia on the hardcore map. Their first albums sounded more "light" (don't know what word i would use) and innocent, but it was definitely a punch in the face sincere hardcore. After the years passed by, the songs matured and their music. They showed that with their newest album which is a masterpiece in my opinion (usually i see bands that made excellent albums in their early career and then lost their touch, but this is one of those rare bands that have proven me wrong judging by the latest record, we'll see what the future holds). The records went like this: 2003 - "Armed With Hope" demo, 2004 "Make it Count" EP,  in 2005 their "ST" LP, 2006 an EP "Brainwashed" and a LP "Consequences", then in 2007 "Rewind, Repeat..." and finally in 2010 an EP "Memory Embraced" before the LP "Endless Roads". The band did numerous gigs and tours arond Aussie and the rest of the world and confirmed their place in hardcore music. Can't wait till they do a show somewhere near Croatia, to see these guys live.
PS: i don't have the EP "Make it Count" so you'll have to be satisfied by this (or share a link :)).


Miles Away - Anywhere

Armed With Hope (Demo '03)
ST [2005]
Brainwashed EP [2006]
Consequences [2006]
Rewind, Repeat...[2007]
Memory Embraced EP [2010]
Endless Roads [2010]

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