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Time to get back in the past, the punk past and my past when things were much simple and music was more sincere. I think don't need to introduce this band, their legacy is enough but let's make a short story about their music. The Menace are a punk\Oi! band straight out of London, England. They were formed in 1976 when 4 school friends decided to make their way in punk history. Their music was a refreshing punch in the face for punk, it was not a project for music industries like The Sex Pistols, or Clash big concerts, so they never were signed in a big label company. They were pure working class kids growing up, so the record compaines weren't interested in their music. The band splited in 1979 but they still made a huge impact on other punk bands. Playing Roxy's a, then they made a lot of singles in that period, and reformed again in 1997 and still playing bigger shows. They even made an album covering some of their old stuff and some new songs in 2001. but that's not near the old Menace. Anyway they are also know as one of the forefathers of Oi! music along with Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, Slaughter and the Dogs, as their concerts were a real mixture of skinheads and punks. Lyricly they are dealing with more punk than Oi! messages, against the society, rebellion and growing up. One more thing, they covered the classic Ruts song "Babylons Burning". Enjoy the singles and i will put the new album for the curious ones.

Menace - Insane Society

Punk Singles Collection
Crisis [2001]

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