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The Redskins. Well this band for sure isn't a typical ska band. I tagged them that way beacause the best way to describe them is soul (soul music more specificly northern soul mixed with ska in Britain 60's skinhead youth and they have some similar elements) with rockabilly influence and punk rock, also with their skinhead image and music played known as Oi!. The band was formed in York, England in 1980 from the ashes of their former group No Swastikas. Their songs are catchy and very danceable with marxist and left wing politics lyrics. Their first began recording under the name The Redskins in 1982 with lots od singles and EP's that i have no intention to write them all down. So their first compilation LP record was in 1986 when they disbanded under the name "Neither Washington nor Moscow". After that the band as i said fell apart going their own separate ways, but they still made some reunion concert in 1988 Paris ( not full lineup) and in uk 1995 (which i will upload for you). In 2010 was issued the "Epilogue" from their CNT singles and No Swastikas songs. The Redskins also made some trubutes to the Clash and 16 Tons (the coal workers song) of a country singer Merle Travis. The band made a huge impact on the redskin movement, as they were probably (not sure if my sources are correct) the first band under that kind of provocative name in those years when the AFA wasn't big. Their lyrics also made a huge impact because it introduced the working class leftist\socialist ideals to the skinheads. The songs dealt revolution, anti-capitalism and the emancipation of the working class masses themes. Bands all over the world not only Oi! but rockabilly and punk made a Tribute album "Reds Strike The Blues" for all the legacy that the Redskins made.
And this is also my little tribute i could give to their name. Redskins will kick those fuckin' statues and yes It can be done you just gotta keep on keepin' on.


Redskins - Keep On Keepin' On

Neither Washington nor Moscow [1986]
Singles 1
Singles 2
Epilogue [2010]
The Redskins (uk) 1995 Live

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