subota, 28. svibnja 2011.


Reading the Skinhead Bible and the bands mentioned here i got flashbacks of some old memories and the music I loved. As i was oppsessed with british Oi! i got a pretty good background of the "old" bands, the first one to describe the sound of the streets and the rebirth of the skinhead youth. Aggro, football and being raised on the streets is what Oi! was about. Anti-Establishment was one of those Oi! breed bands. They were formed in 1978 under the influence od The Damned, Pistols, the Ruts. Played about 20-25 gigs with bands like Infa Riot, Last Resort and were never interested in politics. Shame that the cult went down like that being associated with right wing politics. Anyway they faded away in the early 80's like some other Oi! bands did. The band made a cover of Animals The House of rising sun. I'm bringin' you their Oi! collection which sums up their discography. Enjoy pure Oi! as it was once upon a time.

Anti Establishment - Future Girl

Oi! Collection


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