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Verse was a hardcore band from Providence, USA. The band started as a side project in 2002 with their first release an "Four Songs" EP, that was a prerecord for their first LP in 2005 "Rebuild". Rebuild is actually my favourite record from Verse, because of it's fast and direct songs. After "Rebuild" they recorded the second LP "From anger and rage" which was a definite breakthrough for them, as they did a lot of tours in Europe and US with bands like Have Heart, Down to nothing, Crime in Stereo... The band then signed to Bridge 9 and in 2008 did their final album (for most people their best) "Aggression". The band broke up in 2009, according to the story, when their bassist "broke edge", and they decided not to play anymore. Their last show was on May 21-23, 2009 in their hometown.

Verse - Tear Down These Walls + Hard To Breathe

Four Songs EP [2002]
Rebuild [2005]
From anger and rage [2006]
Aggression [2008]

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