utorak, 27. rujna 2011.

Bloody Gears

shit on a blogger who isn't active. anyway won't be active for reviewing for a while. yeah it was fun and all. Night Birds kicked ass like Direct Control ect.  i was experementing with punk music when i came across this Boston band. Bloody Gears is a punk band with mild post-punk influence. the band clearly has influence of the Wipers, Hüsker Dü and the Articles of Faith. a new band with one Demo (5 song demo casette) and an 3 song EP ST.  BG is one of thoose bands that just click and are very artistic in their music. their melancholic song won't leave any soul searching for an explanation, at least for 3 months when you get sick like you are...


live - Running From Your Life // Dark Matters

Bloody Gears EP [2010]
Demo [2009]