nedjelja, 6. studenoga 2011.

Declaration & I Hope You Suffer - Split

allright. this is one of the finest hardcore splits you can get from Croat modern hardcore artists. I hope you suffer is a band from a cultural city Varaždin very near Zagreb. they were called before Destrukcija Stvarnosti, and are playing for several years now. also did a Euro tour in their best days. the band members have now a new project Life in Peril (contemporary moshcore, metalcore or something like that), but i hope they will do few more shows under IHYS. sound can be described as pissed of fast hardcore going to powerviolence, but still sincere hardcore as it should be. Declaration is a few year old band, but made a huge impact on Croat, Zagreb hardcore scene with their presence. they are very perspective as a band and still young. their sound is infulenced by oldschool hardcore bands like 7 seconds, minor threat throgh youth crew bands to modern hardcore bands like Verse, Trial or Champion. if you like hardcore, this split is as good as can get. and i hope you download

promo flyer from the gig

01 - D -  Fists Of Blood
02 - D - Remedy
03 - D - Something to change
04 - I - Fast and Angry
05 - I - It's in you
06 - I - Still Standing

Declaration & I Hope You Suffer - Split [2010]