utorak, 29. ožujka 2011.

Dead Stop

Dead Stop is a hardcore band from Belgium. The band started in 2002 bringing their oldschool sound havoc around the shows in Europe and USA. They were influenced by the oldschool hardcore bands like Negative Approach (maybe they took their name by their song, but don't know for sure), Minor Threat, Antidote. After the Demo, they released a ST in 2002, followed by their two LP's in 2004 "Done with you" and 2005 "Live for nothing". They did their last show in 2006 in Belgium and fell apart. Their sound is reminding me of 86 Mentality with more energy and just sincere and pure aggression with fast and furious riffs, just the way i like it. So give these guys a chance and enjoy.


Dead Stop - Kiss my ass

ST [2002]
Done With You [2004]
Live for nothing [2005]

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