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Zartako. What to say about a band like this one? Well they were formed in 2002. in Bilbao. Bilbao? Yep, they are one of those bands in Spain, that are proud of their Basque roots. So they are Euskal Herria\Basque rather than Spanish. Their sound? Well, this is a though and easy question at the same time. These guys are playing a fusion of NYHC (influenced by Blood for Blood, Madball, Warzone) and furious brutal Oi!, just like the ones that are made in Spain. Their political view is militant antifascism, these are not some schoolboys or internet blabbermouths. I got a chance to hear them live in Paris on the Baricatta festial. The rage they express in their songs, is beyond realistic, energy is bursting through your skin, feelin' like your gonna explode. Discography? Their first album was in 2005 "Ohorea Eta Harrotasuna", after that their "famous" "Sangre por Sangre" in 2009, finally a live album in 2010 "Primero Nostros" and one song that is waiting for a new album "Valetudo". Their songs are mostly dealing with antifascist lyrics (oppression, hatred, class struggle). Their whole album (and the song) "Sangre por sangre" is dedicated to all the victims of fascism especially to Carlos Palomino, a stabbed young teenager that died in Madrid from the hands of a fascist. Enjoy the brutality of Zartako.


Zartako\Baricatta fest - Txotas, En las barricadas, Cazador Cazado, Omerta

Ohorea Eta Harrotasuna [2005]
Sangre Por Sangre [2009]
Primero Nosotros [2011]

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