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The Burial

The Burial were an Oi! band from Yorkshire, England. Their sound was a mixture of Oi! incorporated with ska, northern soul and folk music. They were one of the first skinhead bands playing ska music, formed in 1981, in the skinhead revival years with the birth of the punk movement. They wanted to express the true nature of skinheads the apolitical one, strongly supported by their working class roots. Although they were apolitical by their music, their personal feelings were always with the working class, always supporting the Unions, Strikes and revloutionary socialist groups like Red Action in Britain. I would like to express their words with few quotations rather than blabing.

"I come from an iron ore mining village near Middlesbrough and a strong trade union background. A lot of my family were original skins and to us Skinhead was a working class movement and fascism is totally opposed to that. The strong grounding in working class politics has given Northern Skins an abhorrence of the National Front that London skins never had."
-Barnes, the brains of the band

Their first sound was more light with major ska influences, while after the years passed by, they were sounding more streetlike Oi!. They released only one album done in 1988, "A Day on the Town" and appeard on various compilations like Oi! the Demos, The Sound of Oi!, Oi! the Sex and Oi! Glorious Oi!. They also assisted the anarchist rant-poet Nick Toczek on various projects under the name Britanarchists. The band splited in 1988. The Burial were one of those groups that showed and kept the true core\spirit of skinhead (sub)culture alive. The skinhead movement has nothing to do with fascism.

"I’ve got short hair doesn’t mean I’m a frigging Nazi. Don’t mean I’m a Commie either."
-Guitarist Chris

The Burial tribute

A Day on the Town [1988]
Other recordings

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