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Void was a DC based band from the suburbs of Columbia, Maryland which was close to Washington so they got labeled in circle of DC emerged oldscholl 80's hardcore bands. They were formed in 1979. and their first released appearance was on a Dischord compilation "Flex your head" with three songs, after that they recorded split in 1982 with Faith (also a DC hardcore band). Following then their "Potion For Bad Dreams" in 1983 which has a more metal sound and was actually unrealesead because it was denied by the guitarist Dupree (don't know excatly why?). After the band split up beacuse of the very violent crowd that was following them on their shows and the bad reputation they splited in the fall of 1983. In 1992 their early demotape "Condensed Flesh" was released. Along the violence on the shows the band was also very well known for their specific sound merging hardcore punk with heavy metal reefs created due to their guitarist and along with the chaotic voice and performance of the singer the band made mayhem everywhere they played. If you like oldschool hc then this is a jackpot. Enjoy.

Void - My Rules

Condensed Flesh [1981]
Faith Void - Split [1982]
Potion For Bad Dreams [1984]

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