srijeda, 23. ožujka 2011.

Viande Rouge

Viande Rouge or "Red Meat" is a RASH Oi! band from France. Don't know much about the band, beacuse there is very little on the internet or on their website (which hasn't been updated for a while). The band was formed in the late 00's. They released one 5 track demo, and a few days ago I found their studio rehearsal sample with 10 songs, so maybe the band is coming with new stuff in the close future. They have some image like a terrorist group (don't ask me why, maybe extreme antifascism?), but hey, they at least play good oi music, ofcourse they're French. One more interesting thing to say is that they have a saxophone and 2 vocals. Enjoy.

Viande Rouge - Sous contrôle des travailleurs

Viande Rouge (rehearsal)

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