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86 Mentality

86 Mentality is a Washington DC hardcore band. Formed in the 00's under the influence of US hardcore bands of the 80's like SOA (they covered their song Gonna hafta fight), NA, Last Rights, Youth Brigade, Iron Cross and Oi! bands like the 4 Skins, Blitz (also covering their songs) etc.. Their sound is a mixture of the earlier mentioned influences with an angry, fast and raw sound. Lyricly the band is dealing with mostly street life topics. One extra song i would mention is "Blood Red Violence" written for all who fight against fascism on the scene. Their first release was an ST in 2004, then two more LP's "Goin' Nowhere Fast" in 2005, and "Final Exit" in 2008. Unfortunetly the band disbanded and had their last show in 2008. A shame, one of my favourite bands, because of the unique mixture of Oi! style with Hardcore furious sound.

86 Mentality - Intro\Life trap, Terror Boys

ST [2004]
Goin' Nowhere Fast [2005]
Final Exit [2008]

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