utorak, 2. kolovoza 2011.

Night Fever

Actually i got an excuse for not posting regularly. Having problems with my upload on MF, so i'll put links for download from the net, until i solve the problem. In the mean time I hope you all heard for this band. When about a year and a half ago their LP New Blood began circling a punk forum, back here all hell broke loose and everyone was hyped by this band. This is not a usual band. Night Fever combines very fast and oldschool infleunced hardcore with trashy but smart punch in the face lyrics and one very gifted vocalist with a vast vocal range. Actually this band is totally oldschool by their sound especially the first LP in 2009 mentioned before "New Blood". Now they are out with a brand new EP Transparent which is slightly more amplified with rock. They were actually in Croatia back in 2008. They had a break because one member was in prison (don't know which one so i want talk shit). But now i can see they are still kickin'. Enjoy and stay wasted.

Night Fever - New Blood

New blood [2009]
Transparent EP [2011]

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