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HardxTimes is also a tricky band to put somewhere. The band is from Paris, France, and they are playing oi! mixed with a heavy hardcore sound. To make a long story short here's what they say: "Created with the love of Oi! in the early days of 2003 due to the lack of true streetpunk band in Paris, a few friends dedicated to the Skinhead scene with multiple but converging love in Oi! & Hardcore, decided to create a non compromising band which will regroup respect of the traditional Skinhead spirit of 69' cult and hard tough contemporary rough sounds close to bands like Warzone and Hardcore in general.". The band relesead a few albums and EP's. The first LP was "We Take Shit From No One" in 2007, then an EP "Demain nous appartient" in 2008, and finally a LP in 2010 "Life is a Battlefield", with some singles, and split releases (Mouthguard from Australia), but these albums cover pretty much all their songs. They also did some good cover songs of Warzone's Skinhead Youth and the Oppressed's Ultra Violence. The band did gigs with Oi and Hardcore bands like the Templars, Last resort, The First Step, Champion, Comeback Kid etc. The members of the band are in the SHARP Paris crew, they have strong antiracist views, and the lyrics are dealing with streetlife problems. Although the new album is more soft (less hardcore) than the first LP, still i think you will enjoy this unique combination.


HardxTimes - Temps De Sang

We Take Shit From No One [2007] 
Demain nous appartient [EP 2008] 
Life is Battlefield [2010] 

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