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Nihil Baxter

"Punk is Dead and you're the killer" - Nihil Baxter is a hardcore band from Baden-Württemberg, Germany. These 4 guys are playing fast trashy hardcore similar to Surf Nazis Must Die. This is a new band, making DIY music with first release in 2008 "Demotape", second is a ST in 2009 and a split in 2010 with Alarmstufe Gerd (also trashcore from Germany). Nihil Baxter made a interesting cover song of Cro-Mags, Hard Times. If you like fast trash hardcore definitely check them out.


Nihil Baxter - Deutschland du Opfer, Hate.Kill.Destroy, Punk Is Dead, Sick of You

Demotape [2008]
Nihil Baxter [2009]
Nihil Baxter & Alarmstufe Gerd - Split

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