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Nabat is an classic Italian Oi! band coming from laida\ugly Bologna. They are one of the first oi! bands on the Italian ground formed in 1979., that made a huge impact. The same year Nabat played their first gig in an anarchist centre (don't know if their name was taken from the Ukraine's anarchist organisation Nabat) with other punk groups freshly formed in Bologna. They first released a demo in 1981, a split tape with Ripp Off (also Bologna Oi!), after that their famous EP "Scenderemo Nelle Strade" the same year. In 1983 their second EP was out "Laida Bologna". In the upcoming years the problem in England and Europe spread wide with the fascist picture of skinhead subculture began, so there was tension and bigger gaps between the punk and skins so Nabat did some shows and projects spreading the "unity". In 1985 their released their first LP "Un altro giorno di gloria" dedicated to Nelson Mandela and few more racist fighters. After that the band wasn't that active, released their final LP in 1996 "Nati per niente". Their guitarist published a book "Skinhead - lo stile della strada" about the skinhead movement history and particular reference to the Italian skinheads. The vocalist made a project band Steno & Laida Bologna Crew, but did only several shows under that name. The band is still playing, did a show on the Croatian fest Monteparadiso 2009 in Pula, but i didn't caught them, but there is still time, enjoy.

Nabat - Tempi Nuovi

Nabat & Rip Off - Split (1981)
Scenderemo Nelle Strade EP [1981]
Laida Bologna EP [1983]
Un altro giorno di gloria [1985]
Nati per niente [1996]

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