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Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Feine Sahne Fischfilet is a Ska-punk band from Rostock, Germany. Didn't know where i could put them because they ain't that ska, only beacuse of the trumpet, they ain't much punk either, and ain't pure Oi!, only lyricly in some songs, but because of the shortage of ska tags, and them being a ska-punk band, let's put them in Ska tags. Anyway FSF is a new band. Released their first album in 2009 "Backstage mit Freunden", and one more in 2010 "Wut im Bauch - Trauer im Herzen". They are known for their hard Antifascist stance in Germany and abroad, they did support and benefit gigs. The band did a Balkan Tour and it was arranged for them to come near Zagreb on a gig, but unfortunately the gear from the club was stolen a week from the show, so it was cancelled. Hope one day they will come and do a show in Croatia. Class and Roll all the way, enjoy.


FSF - For eternal memory of Vanja Kostolom, Novi Sad

Backstage mit Freunden [2009]
Wut im Bauch - Trauer im Herzen [2010]

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