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Dandy Livingstone

Here is a treat for all you trojan 69'ers. Dandy Livingstone is a a skinhead reggae musician originally from Jamaica but came to UK (like the majority of early reggae, ska, rocksteady musicians) at the age of 15 and grew up there. Exactly that mixture od Jamaican Rude Boys and their music in Britian made a fertile ground where later on black and white skinheads were brewed. His first record in Uk was "Rocksteady with Dandy" in 1967, but Dandy is maybe best known for his hit single, later covered by the Specials "A message to you Rudy". This is not the only hit from Dandy, songs like "Suzanne Beware of the Devil", "Reggae in Your Jeggae", "Trouble in the Town", "Big  City" and "(People get ready) Let's do Rocksteady" are just some hits played in the dancehalls of UK. He has a vast discography, so no point of listing all albums along with the singles. I'm giving you his greatest hits compilation album released in 2002 by the Trojan records under the name "Suzanne Beware of The Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone". This is one of my favourite skinhead reggae musicians so i hope you'll enjoy it too, and never forget your roots

Dandy Livingstone - Reggae In Your Jeggae

Suzanne Beware Of The Devil: The Best of Dandy Livingstone

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