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"Siamo gli S-contro veniamo da Torino", so as they say S-Contro is an Italian Oi! band coming from ofcourse Turin. They began playing sometime in the late 90's, and recorded their first EP "L'inizio" in the year 2001. After that, they did 2 more albums "America Assassina" in 2003 and  "King of Fools" in 2007. The band is still alive and kicking, doing shows, but don't know about new releases. S-Contro have an anarchist and an antifascist stance. Typical Italian oi band with a sound similar to bands like Youngang, 5MDR and other bands from this area. If you like the Italian Oi! scene, this is definitely a band for your hard disk and your ears.


S-Contro - S-Contro

L'inizio [2001]
America Assassina [2003]
King of Fools [2007]

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