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Comrade is a SHARP antifascist Oi! band from Antwerp, Belgium. They began playing in the late 80's and split up in 1993. They relesead only a Demo in 1990, and there was also a Live release with Oi Polloi on a concert in 1988, but it's very rare to find. Their sound is influenced by the oi! from the British bands in the 80's. After the split they tried to get some ska into their sound, even hardcore, because the NY scene was a big influence for them in the 90's, but their first enthusiasm fainted away, and they never reformed. Their real inspiration was the boom of antifascim stance in the late 80's with the emerging of the Oppressed antifascist stance, Blaggers (ITA), AFA on the Island, SHARP in NY, the birth of Redskins movement in their border country France and so on. So their lyrics are dealing that kind of topics like pro-working class, Apartheid, anti-capitalism, Palestinian support.


Comrade - You´re All Gonna Die

Démo [1990]

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