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Assalt 43

Assalt 43 is an Oi! (at least started) band from Barcelona, Catalunya (not Spain, as they would say). These proud Catalans were formed in 2005, in their sound mixing oi with a tougher, rougher hardcore sound especially in theses days when they are without their female vocalist. So their sound should be characterised similar to Non Servium, Zartako (Brutal Oi\Streetcore!). As i started to write, they have had a female singer, with a hard voice, she could easily ashame and compete with any male Oi! vocalist. Their first album was "Nuestro Camino" in 2006, after the album and the song "Orgullo y Poder" (released only in video form) in 2008, Laura left the band (don't know the reason), and after that they did one EP in 2009 "HellCore" (more hardcore\streetcore sound). Lyrics are typical Oi! made in Spain, about football, violence, antifascism, working class ect. This is a great band, despite their lack of reputation, especially because of the female voice in Oi!, but the second is still good enough, don't miss this out.


Assalt 43 - Orgullo y Poder

Nuestro Camino [2006]
HellCore EP [2009]

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