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Defeater is a melodic hardcore band from Massachusett, USA. Born in 2004 influenced by bands like Fugazi and musically by Minor Threat and Modern Life Is War. This band is taking over the modern hardcore scene not only with their catchy instrumental riffs, but also withe their deep and strong metaphorical lyrics regarding life and world problems and topics. They released an album "Travels" in 2008 on Topshelf records (owned and operated by Bridge Nine employee), also re-released on Bridge Nine, and a year after an EP "Lost Ground". Just few weeks ago the new EP "Dear Father" was out featuring 2 songs and shortly after that the LP "Empty Days & Sleepless Nights" just came out,  i'm sure it will be even better than the last album\EP. As they are touring Europe, i won't miss a chance to hear this great band live and expirience their music, got their ticket today and looking forward heading to Vienna (Austria) in a month from now.

Preview of the new album


Defeater - Red White and Blues, Blessed Burden

Travels [2008]
Lost Ground [2009]
Dear Father [2011]
Empty Days And Sleepless Nights [2011]

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