srijeda, 26. siječnja 2011.


Bootstock is a Croatian oi! band. These 5 guys are coming from Ivanić Grad near Zagreb. Playing classic oi with ska mixtures for about 5 years, influenced by bands like the Bruisers, Templars, Cock Sparrer, the 4-Skins and traditional ska like Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals (covering sometimes bands like these). Althought they are "active" this long, they recorded their first album a week ago. Before that you could only find their Demo, but only amongst people close to them. Guys are now finnally stepping on the scene with good shows ahead of them. Lyricly dealing with topics about their home town, street life, police problems etc. Really a great band, not very well known.

Bootstock - Naš Grad

Bootstock [2011]

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