utorak, 4. siječnja 2011.

Red Card

Red Card is an Oi! band from Izhevsk, Russia. They were formed in the end of 2006 and disbanded in 2010. Despite their 4 years of work Red Card didn't left a lot of material, only one 5 song EP "Geroi spal'nyh raionov" (Heroes of the sleepy area) released in 2009. Inspite of that, they certainly made an impact on the Russian scene showing and supporting antifascism and resisting any kind of authority, like in their songs. Their music is also slightly influenced by ska. They also covered Sleeping with the enemy, Oppressed song on the same Tribute compilation (posted earlier on the blog).


Red Card - Proletarian revenge

Geroi spal'nyh raionov [2009]

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