utorak, 18. siječnja 2011.

Eve & The Evils

Eve & The Evils is a young ska band from Zagreb, Croatia. Formed sometime in 2009, started doing shows in 2010, and in full speed in 2011 with good gigs ahead of them. Their sound isn't typical ska punk (and that's the best thing about them), i would put them more to an energetic ska combining rock elements, some say even soul, but let the artist tag themselves. They put on their myspace one and only EP available for download (the link doesn't work anymore). One more thing, they have a female vocalist, and the whole package sounds great. They deserve more attention, that's for sure.
Made an LP, enjoy.


Eve & the Evils - Headless Saturday

Drinking Round EP [2010]
Eviltone [2011]

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