nedjelja, 20. veljače 2011.

Identität 19.02.

After our trip to Massilia Antifascist fest failed, we decided to go to Wiena for a consolation prize (if you can call this gig that way). Although Wiena is close to Zagreb, and there are dozens of concert there over the year, this was my first visit to the Arena in Wiena. Certainly not the last, especially as we saw an interesting gig that will be in May (Last Resort, HardxTimes and Krawallbrüder).
Anyway we started our trip from Dubrava, with "only" 8 people inside the van that looked like a minibus, as we couldn't fill the van. Nevertheless the atmosphere in the van was boiling, as we started to drink lots of beer in the start, so the trip didn't seem to last 5 hours, which we had to cross to come to Wiena. When we got there, we were a little bit lost searching for the Arena, but we got there eventually. In front of the club there was a big surprise waitning for us, as the concert was sold out, and the guy in the front said that it was full and we can't come in. But then we used the psychology and persuading tests on him, constantly saying "but you don't understand, we came from Croatia", and were a little big drunk using this method. The guy finally showed mercy and let us in to buy the tickets. The bastard lied to us, it wasn't that full (at least not for Croatian gig standards). When we got in, we checked a little bit of merchandise, got some poseur photos with Phil from the Templars\Stomper 98, and spent money on expensive beers in the club.

We came just in time when the band Lazy Bastards began to play. I have to admit i haven't listened to them before, but when i heard they are going to be here i checked them out. A typical streetpunk band, nothing special, until i watched them play (couldn't recognise them at first, beacuse they seem to have got a street image, against the punk that i saw on youtube, maybe because of the concert) they made a good impression on me. With their songs like 3.HA, Sad Story, Working Class Rock n Roll and  Glasses in the Air they made a pretty good show.
The second band Wiens No.1 remineded me of Bull Brigade at home turfs. The crowd (locals) went wild on every their song, singing with the vocalist and trashing the place with pogo dancing and climbing stage. They played their songs like Fussball Lied, Wiens No. 1, Kids der Strasse, Allez, Punks and skins and rock n roller and some from the new album Hooligans in uniform, Gepflegt und arrogant. Didn't know this until the singer of Oi! Front told me, that the guitarist of the band is a Croat and sympathises Dinamo Zagreb. Eventually i had my own show after their every song shouting Dinamo like a maniac (drunk things). I bought their new LP vinyl Zügellos, from the lovely polish girl on their merch. so i am looking forward in listening more from them.
After them the main band came on stage. No need to introduce this amazing band. I saw them once on Endless Summer but i'm not a big fan of huge concerts or festivals, so this was a great chance to hear and expirience them better when the atmosphere on the concert is more private and certainly better for enjoying the band. They are really kings without a crown from what i heard that night. They have a special aura while playing, and especially the saxophone which emphasises the bands greatness even more. They played for almost an hour only hit songs like Für die Ewigkeit, In der Stadt, Jugendzeit, Vereint und Stark, Identitaet, Geweint und gelacht, Alle haben bier gern, Du bist wie wir etc.. Also played their cover of 4 Skins Chaos, when i thought that the crowd would go more wild, but it was fairly good i can't say. For the end they finished with the songs like A way of life and Jetzt Erst Recht. They made a damn good show even though this was one of my soberest gigs, and the trip was worth it after listening to them. After the gig there was some fun, when some local skins got in a fist match outside. When it finished we didn't stay a lot as we were dead hungry, so we searched for some food before going home.
We got in Zagreb at about 8am and went our own ways. All i can say after this, that it was a good spent Saturday and looking forward to new gigs.
PS: I'll put Lazy Bastards through the day for download.

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