subota, 27. studenoga 2010.

Moscow Death Brigade

Alright, now here is something totally different. This is an undergorund hip-hop project band Straight Outta Moscow, strictly antifascist, and with members of Sharp band Razor Bois and Frank Castle Gonna Break your Neck! The singer Vova from both bands is now one of the singers here. They made songs ofcourse with the Razor Bois and with the russian hardcore threat What We Feel. They don't have an album yet only a few demos, but i hope they will record something one day. About 3 months ago i had a friend of MDB who did also some sets on their songs, he was here in Croatia for 2 days, so i had a time to chat with him about the scene and problems with neo-nazis in Russia. Fucked up situation. Enough of my talking here is the best way to descibe them:

“We believe that hip-hop music can be an extremely powerful weapon against fascist bullshit of any kind, bigotry, ignorance, prejudices and senseless hate. It also can unite people and spread the positive message of friendship and mutual support.

To make a long story short – we’re from the country, where neo-Nazi bullshit movement is fucking huge. Literally it means that you can be crippled or murdered for your skin color, “wrong” accent or clothes anytime anywhere in Russia. We’re not talking about some “bad” neighborhoods – people are being killed in the very centre of the city, in the broad daylight, while the cops pretend to be looking the other way. Moreover, kids get stabbed to death or shot just for going to punk rock or hip-hop shows or speaking against Nazi- bullshit. How “gangsta” is that, tough guy?

We are (straight edge), but we don’t support militant sxe and hardline. We believe that a person must be judged not by the fact if he/she drinks or not, but by the way he/she acts. “

One pic. from the Razor Bois, their friends and their scene support. 

MDB - Straight Outta Moscow

Moscow Death Brigade - Demos 

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