subota, 27. studenoga 2010.


I don't know why is this band underrated that much, but anyway Redweiler are a redskin oi! streepunk band from Bordeaux, France. As i love the french oi! scene, escpecially the RASH one, their music and of BFM, would be the best way to describe the scene. Fast music with socialist lyrics, and one special thing about them is that they have two vocals. They made only one album in 2008,  "Bordeaux Saigne" (bleeding), and where on some compilations like United Skins (/// edition) and the french one Appel Aux Luttes. The band isn't active any more, i haven't heard them doing concerts in a while, and the last time i checked them, they were searching for a new guitar player, good luck with that, beacuse it would be a shame that a good band like this one stops playing.

Redweiler - Sans Position

Bordeaux Saigne [2008]

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