subota, 27. studenoga 2010.

Produzenten der Froide

My first post will be one of my favourite German oi! bands PDF. "Antifascist and Drunk Rock’n’Roll Motor City Stuttgart"  is just the best way to describe them and their music with catchy tunes and firm\solid "deutsche" voice of the frontmen. Thier lyrics are typical oi! band stereotype ones from exepction of  "fucking around" and antifascim. The band started playing back in the early 90's but without any solid recordings of their music until the 2007 when they recorded their first album "Stuttgart bei Nacht". 2 years later they recorded an another album "Ready For Love". The band also did a split with the classic British oi! band Red Alert this year, and were on a Tribute to the Oppressed with the cover of Skinhead Times. One more cover should be mentioned and that is the one of the Sex Pistols, The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Schwindel. The band is strongly a part of the German AFA, still alive and kicking and doing concerts across Germany, Europe and now preparing to tour Canada. Be sure to check them out, and now enough talking, start listening. 

Produzenten der Froide - Rock'n'Roll Schwindel

Stuttgart bei Nacht [2007]
Ready For Love [2009]
Red Alert & Produzenten der Froide - Split [2010]


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